Karl-Anthony Towns’ Girlfriend Jordyn Woods Called Out For Inappropriate Outfit

Karl-Anthony Towns’ Girlfriend Jordyn Woods Called Out For Inappropriate Outfit

Karl-Anthony Towns’ Girlfriend Jordyn Woods Called Out For Inappropriate Outfit

Karl-Anthony Towns has had something of an up and down year.

On the positive side of things, his Minnesota Timberwolves have been the NBA’s best squad pretty consistently from start to finish this season.

Unfortunately, Towns wasn’t there for a chunk of that – he has been out since March 12 after undergoing surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his left knee. The hope is he will return soon for the Wolves’ playoff run.

While his on-the-court status is a bit hazy at the moment, Towns seems to be doing quite well for himself off the court.

This week, Towns’ longtime girlfriend Jordyn Woods caused something of a stir with her provocative outfit choice:

Fans understandably had some strong reactions. Some were negative, while others were positive:

“Why are you dressed up in underwear?” one fan asked.

“So beautiful,” another person wrote.

“She’s taking it,” a third person noted.

Woods is obviously no stranger to going viral. Between the incredible gifts Towns gives her, her wild outfits to Towns’ Timberwolves games and her memorable party pictures, she is constantly trending for something or other.

And that is to say nothing of just her standard social media posts:

This particular see-through dress was just the latest example of that.

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