Amidst Lionel Messi’s $3,500,000 Earning Bodyguard’s Fame, Michael Jordan’s Close Relationship With Security Head Comes to the Fore

Amidst Lionel Messi’s $3,500,000 Earning Bodyguard’s Fame, Michael Jordan’s Close Relationship With Security Head Comes to the Fore

Michael Jordan and Lionel Messi with his bodyguard. Credits: USA TODAY Sports

Lionel Messi‘s bodyguard recently made headlines, as he tackled a fan who ran onto the pitch during an Inter Miami match. The bodyguard Yassine Chueko, has since become viral for his dedication to his work but more so for the absurd claims being made by many sources which put the bodyguard’s yearly earnings at around $3,500,000. The story sounds very similar to another bodyguard of the legend Michael Jordan, who was much like a father to him during the lowest times of his life.

The comparison was drawn due to the two greats having a strong bond with their security staff. Leo’s bodyguard is even active on the pitch as fans have often tried to storm the pitch, hoping to get a shot at touching greatness. Unfortunately for them, Yassine takes his job seriously, and as recently as last week was seen tackling and picking up a rowdy fan who had tried to storm the pitch to meet Messi.

The incident broke the internet, and many sources have reported that Yassine makes $3,500,000 per year as Leo’s security detail, but some sources put the number at only $250,000 a year. However, amidst all this, another story of a similar relationship has come to light; MJ and his bodyguard.

The bodyguard who was like a ‘second’ father to Michael Jordan

Every great player goes through ‘dark’ times. For Michael Jordan, that time came when he lost the closest person to him, his father James Jordan Sr. In those dark times, it was Michael’s bodyguard, Gus Lett who played the part of a paternal figurehead for Jordan as he grew older and reached the peak of superstardom.

Remembering the bond between the two, Mrs. Lett, during an episode of ‘The Last Dance’, mentioned that “Jordan was deeply hurt when he lost his dad. He would often call Gus crying at 2 at night, and Gus would go to him“. Even Jordan, in The Documentary, mentioned, ” Guss was a protector. Guss was more than that. I recognized him for being more than that”. 

It was heavily reported in the 90s that Michael would often surround himself with a very small group of people he trusted. In that inner circle, Gus was one of the top guys. Jordan would often seek counsel from Gus when he was troubled. Unfortunately, Gus succumbed to Cancer in November 2000.

But during Gus’ battle with cancer, Michael stood by him both physically and financially. Something that showed Michael’s deep love for Gus, akin to the feelings he felt for his father. MJ used to surprise all his bodyguards with different gestures.

The time Michael Jordan gifted his bodyguard a $10,000 watch

In Jordan’s inner circle was another one of Michael’s bodyguards, John Michael Wozniak. John and Gus were often seen together guarding the 6’6 Bulls legend as he made his rounds before and after games. It was also reported that Michael had once gifted Wozniak a Rolex Datejust, which was rumored to be worth around $10,000 on the occasion of Christmas. Wozniak gained popularity as his ‘iconic’ shrug on the Last Dance Documentary.

These similar traits in legends go on to show the humility in these athletes. And maybe this is the reason that their fans are so in love with these figures.