Former Lakers Star Publicly Humiliates LeBron James in One Line as 4x NBA Champion’s Dunk Contest Participation Gets Questioned

In a recent episode of FanDuel’s “Run It Back,” former NBA player Lou Williams sparked discussions. He challenged LeBron James to face reigning champion Mac McClung in the 2024 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Last year, McClung made headlines and earned praise from legends like Shaquille O’Neal and Magic Johnson. He even impressed LeBron James with his skillful dunks.

Williams humorously downplayed James’ chances in the contest, highlighting his age and suggesting the participation would be more for the entertainment than the competition. “What the hell? LeBron, one and done, go ahead and give us one.” Williams said.

He added- “You’re already 40 years old, and we don’t expect you to win. Just entertain us like you did in the in-season tournament.” This playful attack at James’ age and dunking skills has reignited discussions about the NBA superstar’s absence from the dunk contest throughout his career.

Despite being 39, James continues to perform at the top level, averaging 25.2 points, 7.6 rebounds, and 7.2 assists per game this season. The King recently did a poster dunk on the LA Clippers’ Paul George in the Lakers’ 106-103 win. The challenge from Williams has sparked excitement and rumors among fans and analysts about a potential battle with McClung in the upcoming Slam Dunk Contest.

Why has LeBron James never participated in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest?

Despite having a storied career, LeBron James has never participated in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. This absence has been a topic of curiosity and debate among fans and analysts.

James, a 19-time All-Star, in an interview with Brandon Robinson of Bally Sports, James once stated that his goals were always aligned with team and personal achievements in the league. “Making the NBA All Star Team was, being the league MVP, winning Defensive Player of the Year, winning NBA Championships…? Those were some goals of mine. The NBA Dunk Contest was never a goal of mine so, it wasn’t something that I had too much passion for,” James said.

Currently, James is more focused on leading the Lakers to another championship. After winning the inaugural In-Season Tournament earlier this season, the Lakers have faced a series of losses and dropped to 10th place. With 45 games left in the season, James will look to save his energy for crucial upcoming games and make a deep playoff run. Because of this, he may continue to keep him away from the Dunk Contest.