In 4 Words, Kansas City Chiefs Tight End Travis Kelce and girlfriend Taylor Swift Taught a Lesson About Failure

Last Sunday, the Buffalo Bills lost 27-24 in the playoffs to the Kansas City Chiefs. It was a game the Bills were slightly favored to win–and they might well have won, if it hadn’t been for the wind. Late in the game, Bills’ placekicker Tyler Bass attempted a 44-yard field goal that would have tied the game, but the wind grabbed the ball and carried it far to the right of the goal.

It must have been a sad, frustrating moment for everyone on the team. And in that moment, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce–best known for his romantic relationship with Taylor Swift–found exactly the right words to say. Nearby microphones picked up his meant-to-be-private words when he hugged Bills quarterback Josh Allen after the game. “You know it’s all the love in the world baby. Love you brother. Helluva job getting here. That shit’s crazy that you got here.”

Helluva job getting here. Objectively speaking, of course, he’s right. Making it to the playoffs in the NFL is a huge accomplishment for any team and for any player. In fact, Kelce’s brother Jason and his team, the Philadephia Eagles were out of the playoffs before they began after a humiliating 32-9 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers six days earlier. So Kelce was certainly right that Allen and his team had a lot to be proud of, and he did Allen the favor of reminding him about that in the midst of great disappointment.

How far have you come?

It’s a reminder we all need sometimes–when a deal falls through, or a new product fails to catch on, or we’ve thrown all our effort into something that doesn’t go the way we hoped. At those moments, it’s human nature to focus on the goal you missed or the plan that went wrong. Instead, stop for just a moment and reflect on the past.

Chances are, your past successes and accomplishments are what got you to the point where you could go after that great deal or make that great plan. Thinking back to those succeses, and considering where you are now compared to a few years, ago can help put even a painful setback into perspective.

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