Another famous rapper got into legal trouble, this time it’s Cardi B. ttmd

Cardi B accused of abuse and physical assault from alleged victim in court documents

Cardi B at a public event

The hip-hop industry keeps getting hit by people who have been involved with some of its biggest actors like Cardi B. Rap mogul P. Diddy is currently undergoing one of the most public probes looking into his potential sexual misconduct crimes. At the same time, other rappers are also being accused as is the case with Cardi B. New court documents of an alleged victim claims the famous rapper assaulted her at a medical office building. Victim Emani Ellis is the one who details in new court documents of the following days after a violent encounter on February 24, 2018. But one of the most concerning aspects of these accusations is what happened with Ellis once Cardi B used her celebrity status against her.

Amid the accusations of the physical altercation, Emani Ellis also claims that Cardi B used her celebrity status to get her fired from her job. The incident took place at a medical facility building in Beverly Hills. The encounter happened as Cardi B was leaving the facility and Ellis approached her only to get struck in her head, face, and body by the famous rapper. Court documents confirm that Cardi B used her long fingernails to leave facial injuries in Ellis’ face that ultimately needed plastic surgery. But the most outrageous aspect was what happened after the encounter.

Cardi B uses clout to get Ellis fired

This tends to happen with celebrities who are in the wrong side of any argument with a regular civilian. According to the court documents, Cardi B was quick to use her celebrity status to get Ellis fired from her job as a security guard at that Beverly Hills building. These documents state that Cardi B used threats, coercion, intimidation, physical force that includes assault & battery. All of this prevented Ellis from returning to keep doing her job. Also, Ellis accuses Cardi B and her legal team of doing everything in their power to delay the trial. When the incident happened, Cardi B was pregnant with her daughter Kulture and claims these actions were in self-defense. A trial date is scheduled for May 31.

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