Cardi B has used Snoop Dogg as an example while hitting back at claims her career has been benefitted by her skin color. ttmd


Cardi B Uses Snoop Dogg To Shut Down Claim Her Skin Color Has Benefitted Her Career

The drama comes after a social media influencer called the Bronx rap star “ghetto” despite not being “visibly Black.”

Speaking on Instagram Live, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper, who is half Dominican, half Trinidadian, addressed the criticism head on.

“There’s a lot of artists that are light-skinned. There’s a lot of artists that are dark-skinned. They don’t get the deals that I get. You wanna know why?” she said.

“Because a lot of n-ggas just don’t know how to market themselves. They just not smart enough. It’s not even about smart enough. I have been hustling for so many years. I worked in a strip club. I feel like I know the etiquette to make money.”

Cardi continued to reject the notion that she has benefitted from her light-skinned complexion by citing Snoop Dogg, who has a darker complexion, and his many endorsements.

“Or maybe I’m just born with it. It’s just like Snoop Dogg,” she continued. “Since muthafuckas wanna say I’m a gangbanger fucking ghetto bitch. Well guess what? Snoop Dogg is a gangster ass Crip. And guess what? He gets the best brand deals because we know how to brand ourselves.”

Cardi previously took issue with the comments about her ethnicity and being seen as “ghetto” in a rant on X (formerly Twitter).

“It’s crazy because when I became famous people said I’m ghetto, talked shit about my accent, call me dumb because the way I speak, say I got no couth, talk about my teeth, my braids, my two buns… and to this day no matter what I accomplished I still get called a stripper all because I’m from the ghetto,” she wrote.

“People misinterpret me because apparently I’m LOUD AND GHETTO TILL THIS DAY call me a hood rat and all… When I sat down with Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden they called me a ghetto stripper. Why is it that y’all gotta use me to make y’all comparisons cause y’all only see the glory but not when I get drag 24/7?


Ice Spice, who was previously rumored to be at odds with Cardi, eventually stepped into the spat to diffuse the situation.

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