Kendrick Lamar shares truth bomb about Drake and J. Cole beef after “7-minute drill”. ttmd

Kendrick Lamar was interviewed and told the truth about what he really thinks

Kendrick Lamar shares truth bomb about Drake and J. Cole beef after "7-minute drill"

Kendrick Lamar performs at the Glastonbury Festival in Worthy Farm / LAPRESSE

Kendrick Lamar recently spoke the truth about what everybody is talking about, the beef between Drake, J. Cole, and him. During an interview with Big Boy, Kendrick Lamar opened up and said that he had nothing but respect for both Drake and J. Cole.

Kendrick Lamar speaks the truth about what he really thinks

Kendrick Lamar is arguably the best in the rap game, while others claim that they are the best, Lamar has earned that monicker from other legendary players in the Hip Hop environment, however, there are always some who want to challenge the champion, and that is part of the game.

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Lamar claims that “I think Hip Hop is a sport, so you gonna have these little spits and spats. …I respect their music. I respect them as individuals and creators.“, after that, Lamar added that the media is trying to pin talented young black men against each other.

What was said during the so called beef?

J. Cole wrote “For All the Dogs” and during a line he compared himself to Drake and Lamar “”Love when they argue the hardest MC / Is it K. Dot? Is it Aubrey? Or me? / We the big three, like we started a league.“.

Later, In Kendrick’s collaboration with Future and Metro Booming for the song “It’s Like That”, he responded to J.Cole “Yeah get up with me, fuck sneak dissing / ‘First Person Shooter,’ I hope they came with three switches,” he quipped “Motherfuck the big three, n-a, it’s just big me.”

J. Cole hit back with a preview of his upcoming album “Might Delete Later” specifically in the song “7-Minute Drill”, in it he throws more dirt “I got a phone call, they say that somebody dissing / You want some attention, it come with extensions,” he raps. “He still doing shows but fell off like ‘The Simpsons’ / Your first shit was classic, your last shit was tragic / Your second shit put n-s to sleep but they gassed it / Your third shit was massive and that was your prime / I was trailing right behind and I just now hit mine.”

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