Random Tim McGraw Encounter Almost Makes One Fan Pee Their Pants. ttmd

Guess you never know where Tim McGraw is going to pop out. The country artist recently had a hilarious encounter with two fans while on tour.

Tim McGraw on Taylor Swift, fitness, and writing a memoir

Shared on Instagram, McGraw put together some of the highlights so far from his Standing Room Only Tour. In addition to showing his pitching skills, McGraw also had a random encounter with fans. Two fans were walking past the elevators as McGraw headed in the other direction.

They had to do a double take upon seeing McGraw just feet away from them. One of the fans were so overwhelmed with emotion, they said, “Oh my god, I’m going to cry. I just peed my pants.” Watch to the end of the clip for the encounter.

Tim McGraw Talks Latest Tour

Speaking with USA TODAY, McGraw detailed a fan interaction that he can’t stand. He doesn’t like it when fans toss him things on stage.

“I’ve been known to jump off stage and [my wife] tells me, if someone throws something at you, do not go off stage and go after them. I’ll try to calm myself,” McGraw said. “You can hurt the artist or someone else and it ruins the show for everyone. Don’t throw anything that could hurt anybody.”

However, he’s also pumped to be on tour. McGraw explained why he liked arenas. He said, Where you don’t have to worry about daylight.” McGraw also spoke about the tour’s namesake song and album and why it’s among his best.

He said, “Throughout my career, my records have gravitated toward those kinds of songs. Stories about life. We all fail. We all have our terrible moments. And we’re going to have moments and we’re going to do the wrong thing, say the wrong thing, be politically incorrect from time to time,” he says. “But all you can do is get up the next morning and try to do the next best thing. I’m always looking for songs that are life-affirming because they’re therapeutic to me and remind me of how much of a better person I need to be.

“I think every artist will tell you this, but I feel my newest project is the best project I’ve done,” McGraw said. “If I get to the point that the project I just finished isn’t as good as the last, then I probably shouldn’t do it anymore.”

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