Draymond Green during a Golden State game

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The Golden State Warriors had some great nes this week, they got Draymond Green back after an extended period of no activity. His many discipline issues caused him to force a complete halt in all basketball activities because he was starting to jeopardize his team’s integrity. But more importantly, he was starting to get a little too physical against his peers inside the court and no NBA professional can have that. Green was aware he needed to seek help and that’s exactly what he did. Green is already training with his teammates and he will even be part of the scrimmage. There is still no specific return date but other Golden State Warriors have already expressed how much they need the best Draymond Green inside the court.

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Draymond Green blames himself for Warriors loss: I fucked that off

Draymond Green’s mea culpa statement

After coach Steve Kerr welcomed Green, the player didn’t feel he deserved it by saying via ESPN: “I’ve cost my team enough. I’ve cost this organization enough. It was very easy to open myself up [to therapy] from a personal standpoint because I needed to gather myself, to recenter myself and to recalibrate. It’s hard to see things when you’re just in it … it’s hard to see what’s necessary to see. Basketball was the least important thing to me. I needed a break. One of the best things for me was not waking up the next day like, all right, I’ve got to get this work in. Part of the indefinite return was about being in a better space, to allow my mind to process what it looks like to get in a better space.”

Green also talked about trying to mitigate his temperament, adding: “When I look back at these situations, it’s like, can I remove the antics? I am very confident I can remove the antics. And I am very confident if I do, no one is worried about how I play the game of basketball [or] how I carry myself in the game of basketball. It’s the antics. That’s the focus. It’s not changing who I am completely. You don’t change the spots on a leopard. “I’m not going to set an unrealistic set of expectations. … Can I accept that my antics have been over the top? Of course. Can I remove them? Of course.”