Lakers bị người hâm mộ chế giễu vì vụng về trong giao dịch của Malik Beasley

Even NBA fans are shocked to hear about Malik Beasley being the league’s leader in three-point shots. Last season, Beasley was shooting 35.3% from three-point territory when he was still playing for the Lakers. With that said, fans can’t help but blame LeBron James and the Purple and Gold for holding back his true potential as a shooter. Here’s what some fans had to say on X:

“proof that Lebron makes his teammates worse”

“Couldn’t do that on the Lakers ofc…”

“Shooters just be joining the Lakers and forgetting how to shoot. It’s kinda hilarious”

“At some point you gotta stop blaming the players and start blaming the lakers coaching staff lol”

“Once he left the lakers he remembered how to play basketball again”

“Dude this is like the 20492408th guy who has a career year before/after playing with LeBron.”

“Lakers fumbled him”

“Just goes to show mfs lose their shooting ability soon as they put on a Lakers jersey”

Malik Beasley is shockingly outshooting Steph Curry and other great shooters in the NBA

Milwaukee Bucks v Washington Wizards

Before Malik Beasley became the NBA’s leader in three-point percentage, he wasn’t known to be a good shooter. This year he’s averaging 47.7% from beyond the arc. The last time Beasley shot at least 40% from three-point land was back in the 2019-2020 season when he was playing for the Minnesota Timberwolves. He shot 42.6% from three then saw a steady decline within four seasons after.

When you hear the term three-points, one would automatically think of arguably the best shooter in league history Steph Curry. As of the time of this publishing, Curry leads the NBA in three-pointers made with a total of 155 shots and counting. However, sinking that amount of shots doesn’t necessarily translate into deadeye accuracy.

This season is one of Steph’s least accurate seasons considering that he’s shooting 39.8% from long distance. Including this year, Curry has averaged under 40% from behind the arc only three times in his career. To see Malik Beasley outshooting him is an amazing feat alone. Beasley is also outshooting guys like Kevin Durant, Luka Doncic, Paul George, and Klay Thompson.

With all that in mind, the Milwaukee Bucks have found a diamond in the mines with Beasley on their side. If the shooting guard can manage to keep his shooting consistent until the 2024 NBA Playoffs, then the Bucks could rely on him to sink some important shots down the road that could eventually lead them to their success.