People Are ‘Shocked’ By Anne Hathaway’s ‘Rude’ Behavior After Red Carpet Interview Goes Viral

A video of a resurfaced red carpet interview with Anne Hathaway went viral on Twitter and TikTok over the past week. Some fans on social media were left “shocked” by the Oscar winner’s “rude” behavior to a journalist while others instantly defended the Armageddon Time star and stressed she was “clearly joking around.”

In the clip, Hathaway is seen declining to discuss a conversation she once had with Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour with a journalist. The Princess Diaries alum then laughed at the idea that she would ever share these details with the interviewer. But is this moment really even “mean,” as some are saying, or as other Hathaway devotees are deeming it, “actually playful?”


Resurfaced Anne Hathaway Interview Goes Viral

This now much-talked-about interview is from October 2022, and it took place at ELLE’s Women in Hollywood event. This happened soon after Hathaway broke the internet after donning a chic autumnal get-up that seemingly resembled her character Andy Sachs from the 2006 classic, The Devil Wears Prada.

The Ella Enchanted actress rocked a black turtleneck, brown crocodile mini skirt and matching jacket at the Michael Kors show during New York Fashion Week. She also appeared to channel her Devil Wears Prada character with wispy bangs. To make fans even more excited, she was also photographed sitting beside Wintour at the September show.


Hathaway was asked in the interview one month later if she and Wintour had ever spoken about the movie (in which Meryl Streep plays Miranda Priestly, a character many say was modeled after Wintour). Hathaway confirmed that she and the fashion icon had actually talked about it before

The reporter then pushed for more details as to what Wintour may have “shared,” when Hathaway replied, “Why would I tell you?” before chuckling. The interviewer then said, “Because I’m a fan and I need to know.” Hathaway shook her head, and added, “No, but you weren’t there.”

Fans Divided Over Hathaway’s ‘Tone’ and ‘Response’

The journalist then noted that they “respected” the Lés Miserables star’s choice not to not discuss her interaction with Wintour further, and Hathaway thanked her. So… what might be causing such a stir? Some fans online simply “can’t believe” that Hathaway didn’t want to talk about her moment with Wintour and expressed that they found her “tone to be rude.”

every imbecile saying anne hathaway gives off mean girl energy bc of that interview is so stupid, she was obviously joking in a sardonic way and that’s it? like shut up

— v (@miucciaversace) May 10, 2023

Others however are pointing out that Hathaway was put “on the spot” and was “gracious” about the whole thing, and as another wrote, “it would have actually been rude” to share details about her and Wintour’s conversations without the Vogue legend in the room. (We agree!)

While some fans on TikTok found Hathaway to be “passive aggressive” or having “mean girl vibes,” another on Twitter wrote, “here they come…calling Anne Hathaway a mean girl for making a joke…” as one other chimed in, “It’s a personal moment she didn’t want to share.” Someone else noted that this whole debate became “much bigger than it should have.”