Former Nets Cheerleader Claims She Slept With Multiple Starting Players On The Team Last Year (VIDEO).TH

Photos of former Nets cheerleader speaking on a podcast
A former cheerleader for the Brooklyn Nets has revealed having slept with several players from the team who were starters.

The dancer, Jef Rufo, made an appearance on the ‘Leo and Danny Show’, during which she detailed some of her experiences working as an entertainer for an NBA team.

Asked whether cheerleaders are allowed to date players, Rufo revealed that her contract discouraged it but didn’t outright prohibit intimate relationships between dancers and players while the athletes themselves had nothing in their own contracts preventing them from hooking up with a cheerleader.

“They don’t technically say ‘no’ they say ‘frowned upon’” she explained.

She’s disclosed having gotten intimate with multiple players during her tenure as a dancer with the team, suggesting they were among the bigger names on the team.

Former Brooklyn Nets cheerleader reveals that she had sexual relations with “multiple” Nets players last season.

She wouldn’t specify names but said “they weren’t bench players”. ?

— Legon Hoops (@LeqionHoops) November 2, 2023

Jef also thinks it was unfair to have such a stipulation in her contract while the players basically got to do whatever they wanted. But, given that her documentation didn’t explicitly state that she was not to mess with any of the players, it isn’t that unfair.

We would imagine that this sort of thing varies around the NBA. Some teams, like the Nets, might have a relaxed stance on it, while others have stricter guidelines.