Admire Kendall Jenner’s Luxurious Mansion, Bad Bunny Absolutely Loves This Place

The mоther-and-son design team of Kathleen and Tommy Clements, along with the legendary Waldo Fernandez, had no idea what to anticipate from their 24-year-old sᴜper client. She has an unexpectedly eclectic and eccentric taste compared to the rest of her family.

When the crew first met with Jenner, who is thought to be the highest-paid model in the world, Tommy recalls that the atmosphere she described was completely modest and dоwn to earth.

“I prefer a home with personality. Jenner’s description of the serene Spanish-style, farmhouse-style vibe that drew her in when she first entered the building wonderfully captures the hybridized, pan-Mediterranean architecture that is so prevalent in Los Angeles. I wanted a home that felt quiet, a place where I can just zone out and relax because my life is so chaotic, full of travel, and high energy.

Few structural changes were made to the building’s existing structure by Jenner, who instead converted two of its five bedrooms into two proper glam and fitting rooms. The young model’s preference for cozy, natural textures, earthy tones, and supremely comfortable furnishings is arguably best exemplified in the living area.

Two wide sofas with a variety of pillows in old textiles and a warm fireplace at one end of the room provide enough of seating for guests. I don’t go to a lot of parties. When describing her entertaining style, Jenner claims that there aren’t many ragers present. I enjoy turning up music, lighting candles and the fireplace as my buddies and I watch NBA games.

Jenner’s collection of contemporary art, which includes pieces by Barbara Kruger, Richard Prince, Raymond Pettibon, and Sterling Ruby, lends some strong jolts of color to the space in contrast to the muted color scheme of the furnishings and finishes.

A characteristic James Turrell ovoid wall sculpture near the entrance welcomes guests with a dreamlike colorful show, animated by shifting, computer-programmed LED lights. I’ve always been a big fan of Turrell. My brother-in-law, Kanye [West], who works with him, introduced me to his art, Jenner says. I’m thrilled to have it here because I wanted this piece to be the centerpiece of the home.

A Tracey Emin neon sculpture and two 18th-century Italian painted door panels suddenly square off in the sitting area of her bedroom. “In the numerous houses we lived in, I grew up with those panels. When my mоther was organizing one of her storage areas, I requested them. They remind me of my early years,” says Jenner.

The panels, along with the arts-and-crafts room Jenner set up in the house’s former home theater, are just one more element of her efforts to create a calming haven away from the hectic pace of her professional life in the harsh spotlight of runway shows and paparazzi.