“I wasn’t very socialized, I didn’t go to school”:Jennifer Lawrence Said Her Many Horrible Romantic Dates Were Caused By Her Gross And Uncomfortable Behavior

While most of the big and popular Hollywood stars may seem like they live in a world completely different from us, Jennifer Lawrence is that one star who makes us remember that everyone is just a normal human through her mannerisms and considerate yet playful nature and her openness to talk about things she’s experienced in her life.

"I wasn't very socialized, I didn't go to school": Jennifer Lawrence Blames Her Gross And Awkward Behaviour For Her Many Awful Romantic Dates

Jennifer Lawrence
With such an outgoing and friendly persona, no wonder she has such a huge fan following in the world. From professional events taking place in her life to talking about personal experiences that he’s had, many people are especially drawn to the knowledge of her dating life in the past, something that the star would not call an amazing memory.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence
One of the reasons why we look up to all the famous celebrities and stars of the Hollywood industry is because we feel like they are almost a different species of people living among us somewhere. But contrary to popular expectations, what attracts most people to Jennifer Lawrence is her simple nature, which makes us realize she’s just like all of us. From various little mannerisms and quirks to her thought process and much more, people can connect with her on many things. And just recently, she also opened up about her dating life.

Jennifer Lawrence

During the New York City premiere of her recently released R-rated comedy film No Hard Feelings, the actress was asked by ExtraTV about her dating life as the film was about coming of age and opening up to relationships. She revealed that in her years in high school, while the dates were usually set up with the intention of making them perfect, her awkward and fumbly nature is what got in the way of her aim to make them work. She said:

“I’ve been on lots of awful dates. I was normally the reason why it was awful. I was either like, laughing too hard at something, or you know, just being gross, or I don’t know. I wasn’t very socialized, I didn’t go to school, so that’s probably the reason why.”

While she may have been that awkward kid on dates in the past, in the present, she’s happily married to her husband Cooke Maroney, who is a New York City-based art gallery director.


Jennifer Lawrence and Andrew Barth Feldman in a still from No Hard Feelings
Jennifer Lawrence and Andrew Barth Feldman in a still from No Hard Feelings
Exploring the world after coming of age can be both exciting and terrifying for different people, and this film outlines those differences. No Hard Feelings tells the tale of a 32-year-old girl named Maddie Barker, who is not living the high life that she wants, as being a bartender in Montauk doesn’t do much for your success.

Then one day, she starts to face challenges when her car is repossessed and the taxes on her inherited home hits the roof. Pushed against the wall, she desperately looks for work that can help her pay the bills when she stumbles upon a Craigslist posting for a very odd job- to bring a wealthy couple’s son out of his shell by any means necessary.


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