REVEALING the Mysterious Girl Involved in the De.ath of Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry appeared in a happy spirit while eating with a brown-haired girl at the Bel-Air hotel in Los Angeles, 24 hours before being discovered dead in a waist tank at his home on October 28.

Sharing on TMZ today, October 31, a diner sitting nearby revealed that the 54-year-old actor and the mysterious girl had brunch on Friday afternoon. Matthew Perry hardly touched his food, he was engrossed in conversation with his beautiful friend.

Matthew Perry đi ăn với cô gái tại khách sạn Bel-Air ở Los Angeles, California hôm 27/10. Ảnh: TMZ

Matthew Perry went out to eat with a girl at the Bel-Air hotel in Los Angeles, California on October 27. Photo: TMZ

The next afternoon, family, friends and fans were shocked to hear that Matthew Perry had passed away due to drowning at his private villa. According to sources, the Friends star was unwell the same morning, gave up Pickleball (a sport similar to badminton) and went home early. After that, he helped outside to do some work. Two hours later, support returned and found the actor in the dosing position and unresponsive.

Matthew Perry Dead: 'Friends' Star Was 54

A close source told Dailymail that Matthew Perry spent the last years of his life lonely but constantly looking for love. He always wanted to get married, have children, and have a happy home.

Matthew had failed in many romantic relationships so he was afraid of love, but in an interview in the People challenge year when promoting his autobiography, the actor said he felt more confident. Matthew also said he was looking forward to becoming a father and believed he would be a great father.

Diễn viên Matthew Perry. Ảnh: FilmMagic

Actor Matthew Perry. Photo: FilmMagic

Matthew Perry’s last relationship ended in 2021. The artist and 22-year-old girlfriend Molly Hurwitz were engaged in 2020 after two years of marriage but eventually called off the engagement. Today, October 30, the ex-fiancee paid tribute to Matthew on Instagram, saying she had always loved the actor and was heartbroken when she heard the news of his death. According to Molly, Matthew Perry is a talented but also very complicated person.

Matthew Perry spent years battling addictions to drugs, painkillers and alcohol. In the book, Matthew said he spent $9 million to detox and keep sober. This war greatly affected Matthew’s health and relationships.