Sandra Bullock Revealed Her True Nature That Left ‘Practical Magic’ Author Awestruck While Filming With Nicole Kidman: “That says everything about who she is”

Sandra Bullock not just helped Practical Magic be made but also talked to the author’s son on a phone call for an hour when he was sick

Sandra Bullock collaborated with Nicole Kidman for Practical Magic, the movie which centered around the Owens sisters and their magical exploits.

Sandra Bullock in Love Potion No. 9

Sandra Bullock.

The Oscar-winning actress plays the character of Sally Owens, who helps her sister Gillian (Kidman) by deciding to use witchcraft to resurrect the latter’s vicious boyfriend, Jimmy Angelove when he dies unexpectedly. Apparently, Bullock continued to spread her magic behind the scenes as well and left Practical Magic’s author Alice Hoffman in awe.


How Sandra Bullock Showed Her Class During the Filming of Practical Magic
Alice Hoffman wrote the story of the Owens sisters’ struggles with magic and curses after they are taken in by their eccentric aunts. The success of her novel led to the movie of the same title three years later in 1998.

Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman.

Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman.
Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman brought the Owens sisters to life on the big screen. The fantasy romantic drama failed to attract eye-watering numbers at the box office, but the two actresses left their mark with incredible performances and the film is now viewed as a cult classic

Bullock also left her mark off camera through her generous gesture, having a one-hour phone call with Hoffman’s son when he was too sick to visit the set. The 71-year-old author told The Post:

“I don’t know how old he was at that time, but he was maybe 10 or 11. He couldn’t go on the set. Sandra Bullock called him at the hotel and talked to him for an hour. [That says] everything about who she is and her generosity. That was kind of that personal moment for me that was the best part of the filming. She’s just extremely generous and kind and knew that he was disappointed that he couldn’t go on the set.”

Hoffman also credited Bullock for turning her words into a movie, revealing the actress took a hands-on approach during Practical Magic’s production.


Did Sandra Bullock Influence Nicole Kidman’s Casting in Practical Magic?

The real magic of the movie is the chemistry between Bullock and Kidman, as the pair brilliantly portrays the strange experiences of Sally and Gillian, who face closed-minded prejudice and a curse that stands between them and love.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman.
In that regard, The Blind Side actress deserves a lot of credit as she influenced Kidman’s casting in the movie.

“I was like, ‘Nicole Kidman seems like the perfect person,’” Bullock said in the DVD commentary (via E!) “Our energies are so opposite that we needed what the other person had. I know I needed what she had. I don’t know why I thought of her or why that worked, it’s just one of those things, those magical things.”

As per the movie’s director Griffin Dunne, Bullock and Kidman’s beautiful chemistry was also on the show when the cameras were away, as they acted like sisters on set.


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