Stephen Curry hits rock bottom with Warriors and says: I’m booing myself

The Golden State Warriors are experiencing a painful descent from their glorious heights. The recent 141-105 loss to the New Orleans Pelicans has left fans disheartened, but perhaps no one feels the weight of the decline more than Stephen Curry himself.

In the aftermath of a season that has turned into a nightmare, the Warriors’ struggles are taking a toll on their star player and the entire team.

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Stephen Curry has hit rock bottom: “I’m booing myself at this point”M.C.

Curry’s elite play fading

At the beginning of the season, despite the Warriors’ mixed performance, there was a silver lining – Curry’s elite play. The greatest shooter of all time was single-handedly shouldering the team’s offense.

However, recent games have seen even Curry’s exceptional performance wane. In their loss to the Pelicans, Curry shot 4-for-13 from the field, contributing 15 points, a far cry from the standard he has set over the years.

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Stephen Curry’s infectious energy lights up Warriors’ practice sessionX

The Warriors’ performance against the Pelicans was shockingly lifeless, prompting boos from the disappointed fans. Even Curry, the face of the franchise, acknowledges that the team’s play justifies the fans’ displeasure. In a candid admission, Curry expressed that he would join in on the booing if given the chance.

“We’re obviously struggling,” Curry said.

“There’s nothing to cheer about. Honestly, I’m booing myself. Booing our team in my head because of the way we’re playing so it is what it is… It’s our job to give them something to cheer about and we have not done that.”