Taylor Swift ‘voraciously’ kissed Boyfriend Travis Kelce After right after completing her performance

Taylor Swift Shares A Passionate Hot Kiss With Boyfriend Travis Kelce After Singing 'Karma Is The Guy On The Chiefs' & 'End Game' Making Swifties Go "Best Believe She’s Still Bejeweled"

Taylor Swift Plants A Smooch On Boyfriend Travis Kelce After Singing ‘Karma Is The Guy On The Chiefs’ & ‘End Game’ Making Swifties Go “Best Believe She’s Still Bejeweled”(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Taylor Swift is currently having the time of her life touring around the world for her ‘The Eras Tour’, and despite juggling a busy schedule flying across countries, the pop icon is making it up to her boyfriend and NFL star, Travis Kelce. In what can be called Taylor and Travis’s most PDA-filled moment yet, TayTay was seen running to her boyfriend post-concert to share a passionate kiss after waving goodbye to fans, and it seems a great ‘Love Story’ is in the making.

Taylor Swift nhận được nhiều giải thưởng nhất tại AMAs 2022 | Âm nhạc |  Vietnam+ (VietnamPlus)

We love Tay in all her glory, but Miss Americana in her ‘Lover’ era just hits differently. After admitting she was falling in love with Travis Kelce during the opening night of The Eras Tour in Argentina, the singer made a tender declaration of her love, sealing the deal with a smooch during her second concert, which saw the NFL star cheering from the VIP stand with the singer’s father.

Not only this, during the final ‘Midnights’ set of the concert, Taylor Swift also debuted a new song for Travis Kelce. Well, not exactly a song. The singer has, in fact, altered the lyrics of her song ‘Karma’, replacing the word ‘guys on the screen’ with ‘the guy on the Chiefs.’ Taylor crooned, ‘Karma is the guy on the Chiefs, coming straight home to me’, as opposed to the original, ‘Karma is the guy on the screen, coming straight home to me’. For the uninitiated, Kelce plays for the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL.

Miss Swift also went on to sing ‘End Game’, which was not a part of her original ‘The Eras Tour’ track list, to commemorate Travis’ presence, who looked every bit proud after this emotional ode. We love how Taylor and Travis are moonlighting as cheerleaders at Chief’s Game and The Eras Tour when they are not touring and playing, respectively.

Taylor Swift xoay chuyển nền công nghiệp âm nhạc - Báo Quảng Ninh điện tử

Coming back to TayTay’s PDA-filled moment with her new boyfriend, in a now-viral video probably taken by a lucky Swiftie in attendance at the concert, the singer-songwriter is seen planting a smooch on Travis Kelce. The NFL star, who had touched down in Argentina a day ago, was seen firmly holding the singer in his arms as she leaned onto him for a kiss backstage at Estadio Monumental once the singer wrapped up her three-hour event on Saturday evening.

Swifties have now taken to Reddit to react to Tay-Travis’ passionate romance, which she is not afraid of hiding, unlike her previous relationships where she preferred to keep a low-key private front.

One Swiftie wrote, “It seems like he’s going to stick around for her. Possibly fight the whole town for her. Travis is going to be there, front row, when everyone wants to come to her show! He is not half-assessing this. Travis is there with his whole ass, and it is awesome for Taylor!”

Taylor Swift Seen Arriving in Argentina Without Travis Kelce

“At this point, he’s probably the chief manifestation coordinator,” another fan wrote.

A third Swifite wrote, “I’m 30 years old, and this video has me screaming, giggling, and kicking my feet. I’m down as bad as she is.”

“He has single-handedly given guys such a high bar to live up to…get you a man that looks at you the way Travis Motha-f’in Kelce looks at Taylor Swift, queen of the world, after she performs a 3-hour and a half-hour show… I’m going to be goddamn single forever,” asserted another Taylor Swift fan.

One Redditor added, “This kiss? Karma is the guy on the Chiefs? Endgame? The OOTW and IION mashup? Grammy nominations??? Argentina night 2 won.”

“Best believe she’s BEJEWELED,” mentioned another fan.

Check out the video below:


It was rare, and how we wish we were there!


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