The Stray Dog that Attempted to Snatch a Stuffed Animal Makes a Triumphant Return to the Store, Leaving the Staff Thrilled

Do you remember Sisu? This puppy lived in street conditions, we learned his story about him a few days ago, after being caught repeatedly by staff from the Dollar General store, located in Kenansville, trying to appropriate a fluffy purple unicorn.

Now this little guy is about to start a new journey where he will be groomed for adoption. He will be transferred to the Lab Rescue LRCP shelter facilities , but he could not leave without saying goodbye in the best way.

Fortunately, Sisu is not alone in his new life away from the dangerous streets. He is accompanied by his beautiful and beloved unicorn , whom he cares for, protects and pampers with all his tenderness and great heart.

The unicorn cost $10.

It was the Department of Animal Control officer, named Samantha Lane , who granted the puppy’s wish by buying the unicorn with her own money , after not being able to resist her look full of dismay from the puppy, before being transferred to the Duplin County shelter. Animal Services.

The employees of this shelter have been impressed with the great appreciation that the canine feels towards his unicorn. That’s why they decided to name it “Sisu” , referring to the new Disney movie called “Raya and the last dragon”.

Sisu only separates from his unicorn when he finds it too dirty and needs a bath

“He goes wherever he goes. We have noticed that when the unicorn gets dirty, she puts it aside . Therefore, we have had to wash it many times. Once he is clean again, he immediately lies down on the unicorn ,” said an employee of the Duplin shelter.

Such was the friendship that Sisu aroused with the employees of the Dollar General store that he could not leave for the ranch of the Lab Rescue LRCP shelter without first making one last visit to the place where he found his best plush friend .

After saying goodbye to his friends in the establishment, being filled with pampering and hugs, now yes, Sisu is ready to go to the ranch . In this place, the little one will be rehabilitated, until he manages to modify his unfriendly behavior towards other animals because of his painful past.

The caretakers at the shelter believe that it is the mistreatment he suffered that causes his abrupt behavior. It will be Sterrie Weaver who will work with him and be by his side for the next few weeks.

Help him socialize with other animals

“Many stray dogs are left to fend for themselves and have had to worry about other animals taking their food or toys, they usually calm down once they realize they’re in a safe place,” Weaver says of Sisu’s situation.
It will be a long process, before Sisu is put up for adoption . Fortunately for him, there are already many requests from families around the world interested in giving him the home he so deserves, including requests from Australia and Russia. Congratulations on Sisu, our best wishes go out to him!

This puppy’s story confirms that there are hundreds of incredible animals waiting for a second chance at life. Therefore, before buying, look at the homeless puppies, you will surely find your best friend. share.


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