The ‘Terminator’ Star Revealed a Very Unique Way of Raising His Children That Made Many People Admire Him

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed that he is a strict father who always requires his children to be clean, tidy and independent despite living in luxury.

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live while promoting his new autobiography, Arnold Schwarzenegger talked about his parenting methods: “If I consider the way I was raised as a child, I think I’m easy-going. But I think By American standards, I’m probably quite strict.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger và con trai Patrick. Ảnh: Wonderwall

Arnold Schwarzenegger and son Patrick. Photo: Wonderwall

When asked for an example of strictness, Arnold recalled: “I think the thing my children mentioned the most was probably the story of one of my sons being lazy in making his bed. He asked the nanny to make it, which was not the case. allowed to stay at my house. I always tell the children to clean their own rooms, clean the shower, clean the toilet and wash their own clothes.”

When the studio audience in Los Angeles applauded enthusiastically, the Hollywood actor continued: “One time, I walked into the room and saw that Patrick’s bed was perfectly tidy. I immediately asked: ‘Patrick, are you okay? did this?’. The boy replied: ‘No, I didn’t do it’. So, I pulled the mattress, threw it off the balcony, and fell into the swimming pool. Patrick had to drag the mattress and pillow back into the room. “.

Arnold also said he once burned his eldest daughter Katherine’s shoes in the fireplace after she repeatedly failed to put them away. “Those are the things I did with the kids,” the 76-year-old star said.

Arnold Schwarzenegger trong cuộc phỏng vấn. Ảnh: ABC

Arnold Schwarzenegger in interview. Photo: ABC

Arnold Schwarzenegger has four children with his ex-wife – journalist Maria Shriver – including: 33-year-old Katherine, 31-year-old Christina, 30-year-old Patrick and Christopher, 26 years old. The eldest daughter is currently a writer, married to Dinosaur Park actor Chris Pratt. The second daughter is an interior designer. Patrick’s son followed his father’s profession as an actor. Youngest son graduated from the University of Michigan.

While his wife came from the prestigious Kennedy family in the US, Arnold Schwarzenegger grew up in a remote countryside in Austria. In the biographical film released earlier this year, Arnold said that his father was a strict man to the point of being authoritarian. However, that helped him train himself and raise his will to go beyond his hometown and conquer his dream of coming to America. Later, Arnold tried his best to become a world champion bodybuilder and a Hollywood action movie star. He is also involved in politics, serving as Governor of California from 2003 to 2011. The actor currently has a fortune of $450 million.

Arnold bên vợ cũ và bốn người con. Ảnh: Instagram

Arnold with his ex-wife and four children. Photo: Instagram

Arnold Schwarzenegger also has a stepson, Joseph Baena, 26 years old, from an extramarital affair with his maid Mildred Baena. Arnold confessed to having an illegitimate child in 2011 and provided for him until he graduated from college. The actor said that to this day he is still tormented by his mistake.


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