Travis Kelce Had a Terrifying Moment Involving Taylor Swift That Had a Happy Ending: “He should not be talking to Taylor Swift”

Taylor Swift’s conversation with the NFL star’s father made him very uncomfortable!

Grammy-winning singer Taylor Swift has been rumored to be seeing the Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce for the past few months. And the singer’s NFL appearances have only fueled these speculations as many believe that the two are in love. The sports star has recently talked about an unforgettable moment involving the Anti-Hero singer on the new episode of the New Heights podcast, sharing that it initially terrified him.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce
Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce Reacts to His Father And Taylor Swift’s Conversation

While neither of them has confirmed anything, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have been rumored to be dating. And Swift has been constantly seen at the Kansas City Chiefs player’s games. Earlier in September, the singer made news when she attended the Chiefs match with Kelce’s mother, Donna Kelce.

Taylor Swift at Kansas City Chiefs game

Taylor Swift at Kansas City Chiefs game
Rumors suggest that the Enchanted singer is getting to know people close to the sports star. And most recently, she was seen talking to Ed Kelce, the NFL tight end’s father, during a game on October 12. Kelce reacted to the same in the recent episode of the New Heights podcast.

Joining his brother Jason Kelce, the Kansas City Chief player called it a “terrifying conversation” while claiming that his father “shouldn’t be talking to Taylor Swift.” The star player went on to state that he felt “terrible” for her as they poked fun at their father.

Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce
He said, “If you see Dad talking to anybody and you can’t hear what’s happening, who knows where that conversation’s going?” However, Kelce later admitted that his father is actually a “great converse” and shared that he has started listening to Swift’s music a little more.


Taylor Swift is Reportedly Falling in Love With Travis Kelce

As per Daily Mail, Taylor Swift is blown away by the NFL star, and her family believes that she has finally found the one. The duo seemingly confirmed their relationship during their surprise SNL appearance earlier this month.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift
While earlier reports shared that they were just hanging out and were getting to know each other, recent rumors have claimed that the singer is “blown away.” The source claimed, “Taylor is blown away right now, and her family is all about Travis.”

The source also added that the Cruel Summer singer is trying to keep it together but is falling in love with the sports star, and Kelce feels the same way. TMZ reported earlier this month that the NFL tight end bought a new home in Kansas City to have better privacy and security with Swift.


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