One Piece: An Intricate Detail in Lucci’s Transformation Gives Luffy’s Gear 5 a Run for Its Money

The latest One Piece episode showcases Luffy’s Gear 5 transformation.


Toei Animation, led by animator Vincent Chansard, displays dedication to the series.
One Piece gains recognition in the West, thanks to improved animation quality.
Previous dub flops in the United States are overshadowed by the anime’s success.

One Piece is going through one of the best phases in the story right now. Previously, during the Wano arc, the anime improved its visual style in ways that surprised fans all over the world.

It was clearly visible that the team of Toei Animation has put in the effort to make the long-running shonen anime look incredible, and now it looks like that’s not going to stop anytime soon. The ongoing Egghead Island arc has been stunning so far, and the upcoming episode is sure to go down as one of the best in terms of the animation.
Luffy and Lucci in One Piece Luffy and Lucci in One Piece

In the latest installment, the anime has brought Luffy and Rob Lucci back together for an epic rematch, as the latest episode revealed the new Awakened Devil Fruit form of Rob Lucci.

Toei Animation Shines with Stunning Transformation in Latest One Piece Episode

This week, the new One Piece episode really brought it with Luffy’s transformation into Gear 5. The groundbreaking episode proves that Toei Animation, including the popular animator Vincent Chansard, is really putting their heart and soul into the anime.
Luffy in One Piece

Luffy in One Piece

Luffy’s story is known all over the world, and One Piece is finally getting the recognition it deserves in the West. After the flop of One Piece‘s dub in the United States years ago, One Piece has now built up a strong fanbase, and a major part of it goes to better animation.

In fact, one fan on Twitter noticed that in just a 10-second transformation scene for Lucci, the animation and attention to detail are so good that you can spot a leopard in the animation, referencing Lucci’s devil fruit, “Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Leopard”.

Why One Piece Fans Consider The Latest Episode To Be The Peak

The latest episode was very anticipated by manga fans because they knew things were about to start picking up in a big way. The episode starts to reveal some of the major plot points of the story, which makes complete sense because we are already in the final saga.
Lucci in One Piece Lucci in One Piece
The fight sequence between Luffy and Lucci in One Piece episode 1100 has been praised by fans as one of the best fight scenes in the entire anime, as the visuals, the pacing, and the use of color are all top-notch.

Toei Animation‘s announcement about the pacing when the studio said each Egghead arc episode would only cover half a chapter of the manga, there were some concerns. However, the most recent episode has really shown what the animators at the studio are capable of.

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