One Piece Chapter 1114 Full Summary

– Chapter 1,114: “Wings of Icarus”.

– Ogre Child Yamato’s Golden Harvest Surrogate Pilgrimage, Vol. 4: “Please come to the Enma Shrine in Hakumai and offer up the sword in the late Yasule’s stead!!”. Kinemon entrusts Yasuie’s sword to Yamato and asks him to bring it back to Enma Shrine. We can see a map with the route that Yamato will follow around all Wanokuni.

– Chapter starts where last one ended. We can see reactions about Vegapunk’s words all over the world. In Marineford, some Marines are panicked (Hina is one the Marines we can see). We also see Akainu with serious face.

-Cut to Jaya, we see some pirates laughing at Vegapunk’s words (it seems a callback to the scene where they laughed at Luffy). Cut to Water Seven, Paulie is looking worried at the city.

– Cut to Doflamingo, he’s talking to Magellan at Impel Down.

Doflamingo: “With just 5 meters raise in Shall we all move to “higher place” then? Fufufufufu!!”

– Cut to Ryuuguu Palace in Gyojin Island. Shirahoshi asks her father what’s about to happen, Neptune just says it’s unbelievable.

– Cut to Marines reaction in Egghead Island, there are many of them who don’t believe what Vegapunk said.

– Five Elders decide to destroy all signs of life on the island first to stop Vegapunk’s message no matter what. But Vegapunk’s message continues.

Vegapunk: “I will prove it by making one predicition!! If this prediction turns out to be wrong, everyone can just ignore the rest of my speech!!”

– Then Vegapunk correctly predicts the earthquake and the swelling of the sea level by 1 meter that took place some hours before. Vegapunk concludes that this is not just a natural disaster.

We see reactions from Smoothie and Mont-d’Or.

Smoothie: “He’s talking about earthquake that happened earlier today!? But isn’t Vegapunk dead…!!”

Then we can see an island flooded by water (with people climbing on top of houses) and other people trying to escape in boats. We also see Tonjit in Long Ring Long Land or Kuzan covered in bandages in Hachinosu (they don’t say anything).

– We don’t see anything about Sanji and Bonney group in this chapter. Not Zoro and Jimbe either, but Brook is shouting for them to hurry.

– Nami’s group fights Saturn while Chopper protects Robin with “Guard Point” (Nami shoots a lightning bolt in Saturn’s face, Lilith shoots him with her guns…). Saturn sends them flying away but Robin creates a spider web with her arms to stop her nakamas.

-Saturn says to the other Five Elders that he will take care of all Den Den Mushi in the “Mother Flame” room. Then he runs past the Straw Hat crew into the laboratory and turn back to his human form.

– In an epic double spread the “Mother Flame” is revealed. It is a small flame burning inside a massive water tank (the flame is burning inside the water). We can see “S-108” and “A&Mu” texts written in the water tank.

-Saturn is destroying all Den Den Mushi in the room with his staff while Vegapunk’s message continues. Saturn: “It’s not this one!!”

Five Elders: “Destroy them all!!!”

Vegapunk: “My first sin is that, with the pure intention to provide eternal energy to the world, I have flew too close to the Sun.”

Then we see Ancient Giant Robot walking somewhere. The Marines are shooting at it but the attacks don’t affect it.

– Luffy, Dorry and Brogy are running from Warcury (Luffy is using Gear 5 again) while Vegapunk’s message continues.

Vegapunk: “To understand what is about to happen in our world, we must first talk about what happened during 900 and 800 years ago in the Void Century.”

– Cut to Mary Geoise, we see Imu shadow with no reaction (just “…”)

– We see some Tenryuubito reactions too. Saint Shalria Century before. is confused since she has never heard of Void century.

– Cut to Jaguar D. Saul, we can see him laughing and laying down in a forest as he listens Vegapunk’s message.

Saul: “Dereshishishi!!!”

– In Orange Town, we can see that Boodle and Shushu are with his granddaughter. We can see too marguerite and other members of the Kuja tribe in Amazon Lily while Vegapunk’s message continues.

Vegapunk: “I have studied the books and Poneglyphs left by a group of great archeologists and continue their research despite the Government forbidding it. This is my second sin!! However, I have no regret about what I have done!!”

– Cut tto Edison, he’s severely damaged after going through the Frontier Dome. Edison is using control room below to change the shape of cloud, extending Thousand Sunny towards the sea (Usopp cheers up when he sees what’s happening).

Edison: “Don’t let World Government catches you, Straw Hat!!”

– Vegapunk continues talking about the Void Century.

Vegapunk: “History is a tale!! I only know an incomplete story of what happened in that 100 years…!!

And I won’t fill in the blanks with my imagination, so from now I will only talk about the truth I can confirm…!!”

– In the final double spread of the chapter, Luffy in Gear 5 attacks Warcury again hitting Warcury’s snout with a giant punch. Vegapunk’s speech mixes with Luffy’s attack.

Broggy: “Stop doing that Straw Hat!! It won’t work!!”

Vegapunk: “The protagonist of this tale is a man born 900 years ago, in a certain kingdom with advanced civilization.

Luffy: “This time it will work~~!!”

He can fight with a stretchy body, just like the legendary “Nika of Elbaf…”

– Luffy’s attack still doesn’t work against Warcury, but Dorry and Brogy can’t help but laugh at Luffy’s reaction.

Luffy: “Uwaaaaa!”

Broggy: “Stop making us laugh!!”

Chapter ends with Luffy crying of pain with a funny face while Vegapunk reveals the name of that man born 900 years ago…

Vegapunk: “The name of that man is “Joy Boy”, the first man on this sea who was called a “pirate”!!!”

End of chapter. BREAK next week. One Piece will return in Weekly Shonen Jump #26/2024 (on sale 27thMay).