One Piece: Eiichiro Oda Reveals the Actual Reason Behind Vegapunk’s Most Wanted Status and That’s Not Just His Scientific Research

Dr. Vegapunk scientific research was not the only reason why he was killed.


The World Government’s scheme to kill Dr. Vegapunk and his satellites was the main focus of the Egghead Island storyline.
They chose to assassinate Dr. Vegapunk because his study contradicted the World Government’s policies.
However, it was discovered that Vegapunk possessed the ability to read the ancient scripture engraved on the Poneglyphs, which is considered the most serious crime.

Although the first arc of the finale saga of One Piece, Egghead, disclosed many facts, revealed the mysterious Five Elders, and provided many exciting fights, the main plot of the Egghead Island arc centered around the World Government attempting to assassinate Dr. Vegapunk and his Satellites. And his message that is being delivered to the world is proof that they succeeded in killing him.

Dr. Vegapunk in One PieceDr. Vegapunk in One Piece
It was revealed at the beginning of the story that Dr. Vegapunk was conducting research that went against the policies of the World Government, which is why they decided to kill their biggest technological ally. However, this might not be the only reason why Dr. Vegapunk was given the status of the most wanted person in One Piece.

The recent events in One Piece Chapter 1114 revealed that Dr. Vegapunk was conducting research on the Poneglyphs. This meant that he, just like Nico Robin, had the ability to read the ancient scripture written on these mysterious gigantic stones, and this is considered the biggest crime according to the rules established by the World Government.

Studying a Poneglyph is One of the Biggest Crimes in One Piece

Poneglyphs are mysterious stone slabs that have carried the history of the One Piece world, especially the details about the Void Century and the Ancient Kingdom. The details about these mysteries have been inscribed on them, and the only people who knew how to read them were the scholars of Ohara.

However, the truth about the One Piece world puts the World Government in a risky position, as they were somehow responsible for the atrocities that took place during the void century. This is why they decided to forbid the study of the Poneglyphs and issued a buster call on Ohara island, killing all the scholars except Nico Robin.

Poneglyphs - One Piece
Poneglyphs – One Piece
Currently, there are only two people who know how to decipher a Poneglyph. The first one is Nico Robin, as she is from Ohara Island, and the second one is Kozuki Sukiyaki, the former shogun of Wano and the father of Kozuki Oden. While Sukiyaki’s identity is hidden from the World Government, they have been actively chasing Nico Robin for a long time.

Eiichiro Oda Reveals Dr. Vegapunk’s Biggest Crime

On May 12, 2024, One Piece chapter 1114 was released, which revealed information about Joy Boy and his powers, the Ancient Kingdom, the Mother Flame, and more. However, one of the biggest revelations that the chapter made was the fact that Dr. Vegapunk managed to decipher the contents of the Poneglyphs and find out the details about the Void Century.

Vegapunk revealing that he can read the PoneglyphsVegapunk revealed that he can read the Poneglyphs
He claimed that after the incident with Ohara, he decided to carry on their study of the Poneglyphs. He collected information from the books that they left behind and was restored by Saul, and with the help of his intelligence, he was able to retrieve valuable information that could put the authority of the World Government in danger.

The World Government could have for once thought about sparing the life of Vegapunk for his scientific research, but him uncovering the real truth of the One Piece world and revealing it to the rest of the people makes him the most wanted man, which is why he was killed by Admiral Kizaru in Chapter 1108, and they will most likely eliminate his satellites too.