One Piece: Every Destroyed Island (That Is Known)

Some islands in One Piece are a remnant of their former glory due to piracy or the wrath of the World Government.


 Lulusia’s destruction by the Mother Flame tested its power and highlighted the World Government’s brutality.
 Punk Hazard’s research facility raised moral questions on human manipulation and scientific exploration.
 Ohara’s scholars were wiped out by the World Government’s destructive Buster Call for seeking forbidden knowledge.

One Piece’s world boasts vast arrays of islands that make up the series’ worldbuilding. There are many captivating islands in One Piece that have unique features, but sometimes, the beauty of these islands can be reduced to an unimaginable state, either by pirates or the World Government, among others.

However, these fallen islands each have a unique history of their destruction, and they all serve as plot threads to elevate the story in the series. Each destroyed island in One Piece tells a story of its own, either shrouded in mystery or tragedy, and they were once thriving with life.


A Gaping Chasm In The Ocean

Sabo in Lulusia

Destroyed: Episode 1089

Arc: Egghead

In One Piece, the Island of Lulusia, a once-thriving island, was completely obliterated. The island’s destruction left behind a massive hole in the ocean and caused a sea quake to any ship that ventured close by. The destruction happened after Sabo witnessed the death of King Cobra of Alabasta with the Five Elders and Imu. One of the ancient weapons, the Mother Flame, was used to destroy Lulusia because it was assumed that was where Sabo sought refuge after he fled Marie Geoise.

Moreover, to the Five Elders and Imu, Lulusia is seen as one of the islands that rebelled against the World Government. In this view, the destruction of the island and its people was to test the effectiveness of the Mother Flame’s power and to kill Sabo in the process. The destruction of the island also highlights the World Government’s brutality and the Mother Flame’s true nature.

2Punk Hazard

An Island Of Ice And Fire

Punk Hazard Smiley

Destroyed: Episode 623
Arc: Punk Hazard

Dr. Vegapunk, a brilliant but enigmatic scientist, once oversaw research at the Punk Hazard research facility for the World Government before abandoning it. Vegapunk pioneered the research facility with Caesar Clown and Vinsmoke Judge; they explored fields like genetics, weaponry, and even lineage factors, potentially altering the very nature of humanity. Punk Hazard raised questions about the manipulation of human life and the potential for misuse in the series. Caesar’s actions highlighted the dangers of prioritizing destructive power over responsible scientific exploration as his victims further emphasized the moral responsibility that comes with scientific exploration.

A clash between Fleet Admiral Akainu and ex-Admiral Aokiji divided Punk Hazard. One half of the island is engulfed in flame while the other remains frozen. However, Caesar Clown, a former colleague of Vegapunk, took control of the island and continued his research using SAD to create artificial Zoan Devil Fruits (SMILEs). The Straw Hats’ arrival on Punk Hazard disrupted Caesar’s operations, which led to chaos on the island. In the end, the island was destroyed due to the chemical weapons Caesar used in the research facility.


Home Of Scholars

The Island of Ohara being destroyed by a Buster Call In One PIece

Destroyed: Episode 275
Arc: Water 7

Ohara was an island of scholars known for its vast library and scholars. Unlike many other islands focused on power or resources, Ohara prioritized the pursuit of knowledge. The people, a community of archaeologists and historians, dedicated their lives to unearthing the secrets of the past, particularly the enigmatic Void Century – a hundred years erased from history.

The World Government enacted a Buster Call when they discovered the scholar’s quest to seek the forbidden knowledge. The Buster Call is a destructive military operation involving an island’s complete destruction. Marine warships bombarded the island, leaving no survivors – scholars, civilians, and even children all perished in the indiscriminate attack.

4God Valley

A Legendary Battleground

Conqueror's Haki Users In God Valley-1

Destroyed: Chapter 1096
Arc: Egghead

God Valley was an island somewhere in the Grand Line. The island was the location of a legendary battle between the Rocks Pirates, led by Rocks D. Xebec, with Gol D. Roger, and the Marines, led by Monkey D. Garp. The presence of these powerful figures and the havoc wreaked on its ground suggest that the Island once held a crucial position in the world of One Piece. There is not much information regarding the island’s fate. However, the fate of God Valley itself remains the most intriguing aspect of the mystery in One Piece. Unlike other destroyed islands like Ohara, which succumbed to the World Government’s Buster Call, God Valley simply vanished.

The legendary battle on God Valley, though its impact is undeniable, hasn’t definitively confirmed the island’s destruction. The sheer intensity of the battle leaves a dangling plot thread that will likely be addressed as the story progresses toward the final arc. Also, with how the World government erased some parts of the past, it could be presumed that censorship surrounding the battle and the island itself is a deliberate attempt to erase a crucial part of history they want to keep hidden.

5Baltigo Island

Revolutionary Army Base

Baltigo Revolutionary Army Base

Destroyed: Episode 779
Arc: Whole Cake Island

Baltigo was the headquarters of the Revolutionary Army led by Monkey D. Dragon. It was a strategic location for the Revolutionary Army’s operations against the World Government. Burgess slipped into the Revolutionary ship and discovered the island’s secret location.

The Blackbeard crew was able to reach Burgess using a Vivre card. Due to this, the Blackbeard pirates invaded the island and destroyed it before the Marine and Cipher Pol arrived. However, the Revolutionaries were able to escape and moved their base to Momoiro Island.

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