One Piece: Oda Reveals The First Pirate In History

Vegapunk reveals the very first pirate in One Piece history.

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 Vegapunk reveals the secrets of the Void Century, including the first pirate and the Sun God Nika. A major shakeup in One Piece lore!

 The Ancient Kingdom, destroyed 800 years ago, ties into the story of Joy Boy, who may have been a Giant and the first pirate ever.
 Exciting developments reveal ties to Elbaf and upcoming story arcs in One Piece, with implications reaching the entire world.

One Piece fans are currently holding their breath as Vegapunk is on course to revealing some of the biggest mysteries pertaining to the Void Century that Oda has kept covered for years on years now. Fans knew that at some point in the Final Saga, many major secrets pertaining to the Void Century will finally be revealed, and there is absolutely no denying the fact that the vast majority of the secrets of the Void Century are not going to be revealed right now as it is too early.

However, the Egghead Island arc will certainly give fans new bits from the Void Century, thanks to the genius scientist vegapunk. In One Piece chapter 1114, Oda ended up revealing some major details about individuals who existed in the past, and of course, much to the surprise of the fans, and the very first pirate in the history of the One Piece world.

Vegapunk’s Massive Announcement

Vegapunk Revealed The Truth About The Secret Of The World

vegapunk message revealed one piece 1114
OP Episode 1100 Release Date Vegapunk from One Piece 1112

When the Egghead Island arc began, hardly any fan thought that it would be tied so deeply to the Void Century. As soon as the Straw Hat Pirates arrived on the Island and spoke to Vegapunk, it became incredibly clear that he had a connection with the people of Ohara, and that he had been studying Poneglyphs for quite a while now. At the same time, Vegapunk had also found out about the Ancient Giant, created during the Void Century, and as Luffy fought against Lucci, he revealed that he had information on the Sun God, Nika as well. Clearly, Vegapunk had quite a lot of crucial information that fans did not know at this point in the story.

To make a long story short, the world, as we know it, will sink into the sea!

Due to the attack of the World Government on Egghead, Vegapunk did not have any time to divulge the information to the fans, at least not in the desired way. However, as soon as Vegapunk ended up dying, which happened when Kizaru utilized his laser to get the job done, a pre-recorded message was put out to the entire world. Using the Navy ships, this message was transmitted to the entire world and all the people held their breath preparing for a massive revelation. The Five Elders arrived on Egghead to stop this announcement but failed and eventually, after 10 minutes were up, Vegapunk revealed the fact that the world of One Piece is going to sink.

Chopper and Luffy meet Dr. Vegapunk.

This was a major revelation, however, it was not the only reveal that he did in this message. He also revealed that the world of One Piece is going to see a rise and water level of up to 1 meter. This is precisely what ended up happening after the destruction of Lulusia, and this ended up giving people proof of the fact that he knew what he was talking about. Vegapunk did not stop talking about things right there and then. He also went into deeper things, such as the events of the Void Century, and the existence of the Sun God, Nika.

Vegapunk Reveals The Existence Of The Sun God

Vegapunk Confirmed The Legendary Elbaf Warrior, Nika

One Piece Sun God Nika Egghead
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In Vegapunk’s message, which continued in One Piece chapter 1114, he revealed quite a lot of exciting things. Vegapunk mentioned that he has been studying Poneglyphs for quite a while now and that is his second and likely his biggest crime as well. As such, Vegapunk mentioned that he had found bits of information from here and there about the Void Century. Still, he did accept the fact that he still does not know enough. That said, Vegapunk did find out some bits of information here and there.

Just like the legendary Sun God Nika from the fables of Elbaf, he too fought with a stretchy and elastic body. They called him Joy Boy!

He talked about the existence of an incredibly advanced Kingdom that existed nearly 900 years ago in the One Piece world. This Kingdom is, as fans know, the Ancient Kingdom. Fans also know that 20 Kings banded together to fight against this Ancient Kingdom and utterly destroyed it. Given that the world of One Piece has seen a rise in water level before as well, the Ancient Kingdom has sunk under the ocean.

Coming back to the point, Vegapunk continued to talk about the Ancient Kingdom and also mentioned an individual from the ancient Kingdom, called the Sun God, Nika. He mentioned Nika as the Warrior of Liberation, and an individual who brings smiles to people’s faces. He also said that Nika had a rubbery body and a fierce warrior spirit. Vegapunk mentioned that Nika hailed from the land of Elbaf, and that Joyboy was the first individual to set out to sea, making him the very first pirate in the history of the One Piece World.

Vegapunk Confirms Joy Boy To Be The First Pirate

Joy Boy’s Lore Was Revealed In One Piece 1114

One Piece Joyboy Buccaneer Race

Fans have only found out bits about Joy Boy over the years. However, One Piece chapter 1114 was massive in that regard. Vegapunk confirmed the fact that Joy Boy was indeed a real individual who existed in the Void Century and was from the Ancient Kingdom, which was destroyed around 800 years ago. He also mentioned that Joy Boy was linked directly to the land of the Giants, Elbaf. For the very first time, fans have a major hint at the race of Joy Boy, as he is now implied to be a Giant. This ties in very well with the massive Straw Hat that fans saw in Marijoa, and it clearly explains why the Sun God is revered so highly in the land of the Warriors, Elbaf.

He was the first man to take to the seas. The first one to be called a pirate!

At the same time, Vegapunk also revealed that this individual who hailed from the Ancient Kingdom, also known as Nika, was the first pirate ever and set out to sea on a grand adventure. Why exactly he set out to the seas on this adventure is not known. Perhaps, it was to accumulate allies, or it could have been because he was at war. Fans do not know the exact reasoning just yet. However, things are finally looking very exciting in the One Piece world and this revelation is going to shake the entire world of One Piece from the very top to the bottom.

With the existence of the race of Joy Boy, as well as the fact that he was the first pirate in existence, fans now have key information that they will be taking to the land of Elbaf, which Oda is going to be tackling next. Speaking of Elbaf, it was recently confirmed that the arc will be beginning at a later point in 2024, which means that this story is going to take yet another exciting turn very soon and fans will have tons of information being revealed to them all at once, as soon as the Straw Hat Pirates step foot on this land of the Giants.