One Piece: The Most Legendary Right-Hand Men In The Series!

These One Piece characters left behind a solid legacy, making them nothing less than legends.

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 Right-hand men in One Piece play crucial roles, often defending their leaders and friends in times of need.

 Characters like Kozuki Oden and Jimbei are respected for their strength and loyalty, standing out in their respective crews.
 The relationship between a captain and their right-hand man is essential in the world of One Piece, showcasing trust and teamwork.

In One Piece, there are often times when the leader of a pirate crew or a warship needs help from his allies. In such situations, the first people on the scene are their right-hand men. These individuals are just below the captain in terms of authority and power.

These One Piece characters can use all three types of Haki, giving them a distinct advantage over others.

Over the years, fans have had the opportunity to watch some extraordinary right-hand men in action. They have successfully defended their friends in times of turmoil, proving that they deserve to be called legendary. With that in mind, here are some of the most spectacular right-hand men in One Piece.

5Kozuki Oden

Whitebeard’s Right-Hand Man

Oden in One Piece

The Whitebeard Pirates were different from the other pirate crews in the sense that they did not have a fixed hierarchy. Due to this reason, there was a great deal of harmony within the crew. Whitebeard adored each member of the crew, and they were ready to die for one another.

When Kozuki Oden joined the crew, he was welcomed by the other crew members. The samurai from Wano felt right at home, and he enjoyed his time with the crew. It is very likely that Oden became Whitebeard’s right-hand man, as he was the second-strongest member of the Whitebeard Pirates. Furthermore, Marco and several other members of the crew were still very young, and couldn’t be given such a massive responsibility. Despite spending only a limited amount of time with the crew, Oden showed his incredible strength many times. His fame began to spread like wildfire, which attracted the attention of other big pirates.


Garp’s Right-Hand Man

Bogard from One Piece

Bogard is the right-hand man of Monkey D. Garp, who is known as the Hero of the Marines. Bogard has been by Garp’s side for many years. He was also present when the God Valley Incident happened, but whether he participated in the actual fighting remains unknown.

These One Piece characters didn’t hesitate to backstab their own crew members.

However, it wouldn’t make sense for Bogard to stay on the sidelines while Garp was risking his life for the sake of the world. So, it is highly likely that Bogard fought in God Valley to help out the Vice Admiral. Much about Bogard’s abilities remains unknown, but judging by his outfit, it appears that he is a swordsman by nature. He hasn’t been involved in a fight yet, but it might not be long before fans get a chance to see him in action.


Fisher Tiger’s Right-Hand Man

Jimbei in One Piece episode 1000

Jimbei is currently a member of the Straw Hat Pirates, but he used to be part of a different crew. When he was younger, Jimbei traveled with the Sun Pirates. The crew was led by Fisher Tiger, who was a legendary figure for many fish-men and humans. He was responsible for freeing many slaves from Marijoa, an incident that made him famous around the world.

Fisher Tiger’s crew was made up entirely of Fish-Men, so all of them were incredibly powerful. However, Jimbei stood out the most. He was a composed individual who didn’t get swayed by his emotions too easily. Jimbei was someone the crew could rely on in times of peril. The crew also respected Jimbei, which made it simple for him to take over the leadership after Fisher Tiger’s death. While Jimbei may not have flashy abilities, he is a great fighter who can turn the tide of battle with a swift attack.



Rocks’ Right-Hand Man

One Piece Young Whitebeard in Wano

Before starting his own pirate crew, Whitebeard served under Rocks D. Xebec, who was a conceited maniac obsessed with taking over the world. For this reason, Rocks only wanted to recruit people who could overcome the most stern challenges. It is unknown when Whitebeard joined Rocks, but it is safe to say that the former did not behave like a typical underlying.

In fact, Whitebeard was quite critical of Rocks’ methods. This was evident during the God Valley Incident, when Whitebeard criticized Rocks for running away on his own. Also, it seemed that Whitebeard was in charge of the crew while Rocks was not present. He was also able to recruit new characters. Whitebeard stayed with the Rocks Pirates until the crew’s defeat in God Valley, after which every member of the crew left, and they all went on to become successful.

1Silvers Rayleigh

Roger’s Right-Hand Man

Silvers Rayleigh (One Piece) anime teacher mentor

Silvers Rayleigh was the first person that Roger asked to accompany him on his journey. Rayleigh accepted the offer, and the duo went on to become two of the most famous pirates in history. The Roger Pirates were able to find Laugh Tale, and eventually, the One Piece.

However, their journey to the top was not easy. They had to fight against other pirate crews who were also looking for the same treasure. Furthermore, Roger and his crew had to fend off assaults from the Marines as well. It is safe to say that Rayleigh participated in all the battles and helped his captain achieve his dream. Rayleigh garnered such a frightening reputation that the Marines continued to hunt him even after the Roger Pirates disbanded. Needless to say, Rayleigh is considered a living legend, and people still think twice before engaging him in a fight.

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