One Piece: The Powers of the Navy Admirals, Explained

The Admirals are the highest-ranking members of the Navy after Sengoku himself, and each is incredibly powerful in their own way.

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 Navy, as a branch of the World Government, has existed for 800 years, successfully putting down pirates.

 Admirals are the highest-ranking officers in the Navy, wielding powerful Devil Fruit abilities.
 Admirals possess unique powers such as control over ice, magma, light, and gravity, along with advanced Haki techniques.

In One Piece, the Navy is the force that is directly opposed to the pirates of the world, issuing bounties on them and trying their hardest to stop them at every turn, however they can. The fact that they, as a branch of the World Government, have existed for 800 years truly does show that they have more often been successful in putting down the threat of pirates for the longest time.

When talking about the Navy, one cannot forget to mention the Admirals, who hold the highest rank in the entire establishment after the Fleet Admiral. Though the rank of Admiral in the history of One Piece has assumedly always been one of great power, those that hold this standing in the current setting are among the strongest characters in the entire series, so let’s take a look at their powers and see why they’re so dangerous.

Aokiji’s Ice Powers

Source: The Hie Hie no Mi – The Ice-Ice Fruit

One Piece Aokiji Former Admiral

First Appearance

One Piece, Episode 225, “The Man of Pride! Foxy the Silver Fox!”

Debut Date
March 13, 2005

Story Arc
Skypeia Epilogue/Long Ring Long Land

Admiral Aokiji was the very first one of his station ever shown in the series, when the Straw Hat Crew visited Long Ring Long Land. Upon meeting him, they would find out why he holds such a distinction in the Navy, since his Logia Devil Fruit gave him full control over ice, to the extent that he was able to freeze a sizable chunk of the ocean with a simple touch. Though the true extent of his powers was seen only briefly at first glance, Aokiji made his power known at Marineford and after that as well.

The thing called ‘justice’ changes its shape… depending on where you stand.

Why it’s so powerful:

The Hie Hie no Mi is an exceptionally powerful Logia Type Devil Fruit, and on top of that, it is also fairly unique among its brethren. While it does allow Aokiji to turn into an elemental state like other Logias do with their users, Aokiji’s state isn’t intangible due to the solid nature of ice. Still, it allows him to completely reform if his solid form is ever shattered. Moreover, Aokiji can fully manipulate ice to its greatest extent, enough to completely freeze others to kill them or even freeze a massive chunk of the ocean.

Admiral Aokiji Freezes Luffy One Piece Luffy frozen by Aokiji-1 One Piece Aokiji Former Admiral One Piece Aokiji Feature

Akainu’s Magma Powers

Source: The Magu Magu no MI – The Magma-Magma Fruit

One Piece Admiral Akainu Magu Magu no Mi

First Appearance
One Piece, Episode 278, “Say You Want To Live! We Are Friends!!”

Debut Date
September 24, 2006

Story Arc
Enies Lobby Arc

Known as the ‘Mad Dog of the World Government’, Admiral Akainu is one of the most dangerous members of the entire Navy. He is an avid follower of the ‘Strict Justice’ imposed by the World Government, which is what caused him to greatly come to odds with his fellow Admiral, Aokiji. Akainu’s Devil Fruit, the Magu Magu no Mi, is also an extremely powerful Logia Type that gives him full control over magma and lets him turn his body into it as well. This is what made him incredibly powerful and the nature of magma allowed him to kill Ace at Marineford.

If a man does not live righteously, he does not deserve to live at all!

Why it’s so powerful:

The Magu Magu no Mi is an incredibly dangerous Devil Fruit that gives Akainu the ability to create, control, and have full control over magma. This fruit is distinguished within One Piece as one that stands out among its fellow Logia Fruits in terms of lethality, as it is exceptionally powerful due to the insane temperatures that magma reaches, being able to melt just about anything it touches. Unlike some other Logia Types, even the intangibility that it gives him is dangerous, as any attacks that touch him can hurt the person who throws it. This fruit also ranks among the strongest Devil Fruits in terms of power, as it superseded Ace’s fire powers to kill him.

One Piece Admiral Akainu Shanks stops Akainu Akainu kills Ace Akainu's Magma fists rain down One Piece Whitebeard clashes against Akainu

Kizaru’s Light Powers

Source: The Pika Pika no Mi – The Light-Light Fruit

borsalino one piece

First Appearance
One Piece, Episode 398, “Admiral Kizaru Moves! The Sabaody Archipelago in Chaos!”

Debut Date
April 26, 2009

Story Arc
Sabaody Archipelago Arc

The third of the series’ original Navy Admirals, Kizaru possesses one of the most powerful Logia Type Fruits in the entire story. His fruit, like other Logia Types, allows him to transform into his specified natural element, which in his case is light itself, making him an extremely deadly opponent to face, as he can manipulate light in many different ways. His masterful control over the fruit is also what makes him one of, if not the, fastest characters, as he can ever travel through reflections.

Without strength, you won’t be able to save anyone.

Why it’s so powerful:

The Pika Pika no Mi is an exceptionally powerful Devil Fruit, even among Logia Types. On top of letting him, control, manipulate, and fully turn into light, it allows Kizaru to move at the speed of light and even through reflections. Offensively, Kizaru can shoot powerful laser beams that cause massive explosions, on top of which he can also release blinding flashes of light to disorient his opponents. The manipulation of light that this fruit gives Kizaru is incredible, as he was also shown to make clones of himself by controlling light particles.

Admiral Kizaru from One Piece Kizaru ready to kill Zoro Kizaru vs Rayleigh Kizaru Creating A Sword Of light In One Piece

Fujitora’s Gravity Powers

Source: The Zushi Zushi no Mi – The Press-Press Fruit

Fujitora Manipulating Gravity On Dressrosa In One Piece

First Appearance
One Piece, Episode 630, “Adventure! The Country of Love and Passion, Dressrosa!”

Debut Date
January 26, 2014

Story Arc
Dressrosa Arc

Fujitora is a relatively new name when it comes to the Navy Admirals as his conscription into the rank only happened after Aokji had left the Navy due to his differences with the World Government. Despite being the only Admiral who doesn’t have a Logia Type Devil Fruit, Fujitora’s strength is still comparable to the rest of the people in his rank due to how incredible his Paramecia Type Devil Fruit, the Zushi Zushi no Mi, truly is. This fruit gives him the power to create and manipulate gravitational forces to however much of an extent he wants to.

If you don’t want justice to be dishonored, keep it close to you at all times.

Why it’s so powerful:

The reason why the Zushi Zushi no Mi can stand shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the Devil Fruits of the Admirals is because of the extent of control that Fujitora has over gravity with it. He has been shown to move around debris and other relatively smaller things through the air with no effort, but when he puts extra power into it, he can even use the gravitational waves to lift gigantic warships. Fujitora’s gravitational manipulation is enough to cement his place among the Admirals of the Navy, arguably making him one of the stronger ones in the ranks.

Admiral Fujitora One Piece - Featured Fujitora Luffy One Piece Admiral Fujitora using his blade One Piece Fujitora Unsheathing his swordAdmiral Fujitora One Piece - Featured

Shared Abilities Of TheAdmirals

One Piece Marine Admirals Aokiji Akainu Kizaru

Other than each of their unique Devil Fruit abilities, the Admirals are otherwise some of the strongest characters in the series. This is reflected by their ability to use powerful techniques that a very small percentage of people in the world of One Piece can use, such as the different forms of Haki.

Aokiji: The former Navy Admiral has mastery over Ryou, an advanced form of Armament Haki, which allows him to reinforce himself or a weapon with Haki to protect or deal incredible damage.
Akainu: Akainu is the most powerful of the Navy Admirals who have been shown in the current setting of One Piece. This fact is furthered bolstered by his mastery of Armament and Observation Haki, though it is not known which one he specializes in.
Kizaru: Just like Aokiji, Kizaru can also use Ryou. His usage of this Haki was so great that his guard surpassed that of Sentomaru. Other than this, Kizaru can also use Observation Haki.
Fujitora: Fujitora can also use Armament and Observation Haki, though he specializes in the latter. This is because, since he is blind, he uses Observation Haki to make up for his lack of sight.