Despite Wembanyama, the Spurs decide for their future and are CONTROVERSIAL: “Not a fan of…

NBA Victor Wembanyama

While the 2024 draft promises to be quite poor in terms of quality, the Spurs have already made a big decision for the future of the organization. Not sure that Victor Wembanyama and the other fans are really happy about all this.


With another defeat this Wednesday, while the Hornets won, the Spurs find one of the three worst records in the NBA.

This is important to have the best chance of obtaining a big pick in the draft, although this 2024 vintage does not look set to be the most spectacular. Some interesting players, but very limited potential for most.

Spurs ready for a series of defeats?

For heavy stuff, you’ll have to wait a little longer with the 2025 draft and a few players who are making recruiters dizzy. This is why the Spurs have a choice to make with the presence of Victor Wembanyama, known for his competitive aspect.

Will he accept another average season? He will have to prepare for it according to Brian Windhorst.

According to Brian Windhorst, the Spurs organization is focused on the 2025 NBA draft. He does not believe the team will sign or seek a trade for a star player during the offseason.

Unless there is a turnaround, no Trae Young or Donovan Mitchell this summer with the Spurs. The franchise remains ambitious with Wemby in its ranks, but despite his talent, it does not want to rush the process and potentially skip steps. Everyone is warned.

The way this team has been playing since the All-Star Game, there’s no need to rush

Not a fan of just being okay with losing.

The Spurs are coming out of another rather sad season in terms of balance sheet, and we have to believe that the coming campaign will not necessarily be very different. The franchise wants to delay until 2025, Victor Wembanyama or not.

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