Patrick Mahomes rejects idea of hosting SNL because of an usual fear he has

Mahomes prefers to speak freely in public rather than read

Even the most famous athletes can feel nervous when they step onto the stage of television. Patrick Mahomes, a superstar quarterback with three Super Bowl wins under his belt, recently confessed that he passed up the chance to host Saturday Night Live because of his fear of reading from a teleprompter.

Mahomes is no stranger to speaking in public, whether it’s addressing the media or giving speeches at Super Bowl parades. But when it comes to reading scripted lines on camera, he admits to feeling a bit out of his comfort zone.

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Patrick Mahomes behind the back pass puts online gamer to shame

Fortunately, Mahomes has a teammate who knows the ropes. Travis Kelce, who hosted SNL himself, could lend Mahomes some advice on how to handle the pressure of live TV.

SNL has had tons of athletes as hosts


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Saturday Night Live has a history of featuring athletes as hosts, with stars from various sports taking the stage to show off their comedic chops. One standout example is Peyton Manning, whose transition from the football field to the comedy stage has been a hit with audiences. Manning’s success on SNL has even led to opportunities in the world of entertainment, including starting his own production company.

As Mahomes works to conquer his fear of teleprompters, he joins a long line of athletes who have faced their fears and shined in the spotlight of television. With determination and support from his peers, Mahomes may soon find himself gracing the iconic SNL stage, turning his fear into triumph and inspiring others to push past their own barriers in pursuit of their dreams.

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