Find out the biggest obstacle in Stephen Curry’s career

Find out the biggest obstacle in Stephen Curry’s career

“Chief Chef” Stephen Curry had an extremely underpowered match against the Denver Nuggets, causing the Warriors to lose to the defending champions right on Christmas day.

This morning Vietnam time, matches within the framework of the Christmas holiday at the American Professional Basketball League (NBA Christmas Day) took place with extremely attractive matches, one of which was a confrontation. between the Golden State Warriors and the Denver Nuggets.

Here, the Warriors’ No. 1 superstar – Stephen Curry played below his strength, causing his team to lose 114-120 to the defending champions.

In this match, Curry played 34 minutes, scored 18 points after 21 shots, achieving a scoring success rate of 33.3%. The 3-point scoring efficiency of this “King of 3-throws” is only 23.1% with 3 successful shots after 13 shooting attempts.

These are very bad parameters for a scoring expert, a top star in the NBA and the world like Stephen Curry.

Stephen Curry trong trận đấu giữa Golden State Warriors vs. Denver Nuggets dịp lễ Giáng sinh mùa giải NBA 2023-2024Stephen Curry is often not at his best on Christmas Day (Photo: Getty)


However, this is a habit of the “Chief Chef” every Christmas. Specifically, in the 10 matches that took place on Christmas Day that Curry attended, only once did the 35-year-old pitcher score more than 20 points.

The first two seasons in 2010 and 2011, Curry only had 4 points per game over Christmas. This number gradually improved in subsequent matches, but the number of points this superstar got only fluctuated between 14-19 points.

It can be seen that Christmas Day is the biggest obstacle in Stephen Curry’s career, not any of his other superstar colleagues.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the front line, Nuggets superstars such as Nikola Jokic, Jamal Murray or Michael Porter Jr. had an impressive day of competition, the most meaningful gift for fans on this special holiday.

All 5 Nuggets’ official players scored over 10 points, with Jokic playing the most impressively when he scored a double-double with 26 points scored and 14 successful rebounds.

In the next match, Stephen Curry and his Golden State Warriors teammates will face the Miami Heat, and the Denver Nuggets will have a difficult match against the Memphis Grizzlies with the return of superstar Ja Morant. Both of these matches took place on the morning of December 29 Vietnam time.