Let’s Take A Look At Joel Embiid’s Girlfriend Anne De Paula in Steamy SI Swimsuit Photoshoot (VIDEO + PICS) tt

The 2019 version of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit magazine has some absolute bangers and gorgeous women for our viewing pleasure.

With the Philadelphia 76ers on the brink of being eliminated, being sent home for Joel Embiid means having to spend time with his insanely hot girlfriend.

Just in case she didn’t realize she was hot enough, Anne De Paula was picked to be in Sports Illustrated this year and the pictures of her are smoking hot.

Joel Embiid’s girlfriend Anna De Paula bares almst all in steamy shoot

Always, always, always trust the process and Joel Embiid, who’s stunning Brazilian girlfriend has bared almost all in a sizzling swimsuit shoot.

NBA superstar Ben Simmons doubles down on criticism of

NBA superstar Ben Simmons has doubled down on his criticism of Crown, after he claims he was denied entry at the Melbourne casino due to the colour of his skin. The 23-year-old vented his frustrations on social media at the weekend, accusing the casino of racially discriminating against him and his friends. Despite a vigorous denial by the Casino, Simmons took to Twitter on Monday to say, ‘my friends and I felt personally singled out and no one likes to feel like this’. ‘I am very passionate about equality and I will always speak up even if it means having uncomfortable conversations,’ he said. Image: News Corp Australia

It’s not just Ben Simmons who is making waves when it comes to young NBA stars stepping out with some serious talent on their arm.

A week after he was spotted with Australian model Talia Richman on his arm, his 76ers teammate Joel Embiid, seemed to say ‘anything you can do’, when his girlfriend Anne de Paula appeared in a sizzling Sports Illustrated shoot, in which they managed to Instagram her having the slightest possibly planned wardrobe malfunction, with a see through crop top.

De Paula showed plenty of skin in the Kenya shoot both on land and by the seas in some revealing outfits, that showed she has plenty both up top and down bottom.

Many would say the star 76er is a very lucky man.
Many would say the star 76er is a very lucky man.

Joel Embiid is with Brazilian glamour Anna de Paula.
Joel Embiid is with Brazilian glamour Anna de Paula.

She and Embiid — who used to famously slide into the DMs of more than his share of women during his earlier seasons, including R and B star Rihanna and reality TV star Kim Kardashian — have been together since October 2018 with her often being seen at 76ers games.

Anne de Paula is Brazilian and she and Embiid have been together a year.
Anne de Paula is Brazilian and she and Embiid have been together a year.
They recently had a holiday to China, with Embiid and Brazilian, De Paula checking out the sights, including the Great Wall.

Back on the court Embiid and Simmons will be looking to go that bit further in the next NBA season when Al Horford joins them and Tobias Harris in an All Star calibre line-up.

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