Oprah Allegedly Points Finger at Taraji P. Henson for ‘Color Purple’ Flop, Resulting in $100 Million Loss tt.

Oprah BLAMES Taraji P Henson For Color Purple Flopping? $100 Million Loss

Just as the dust appeared to settle on the conflict between Saraji and Oprah, fresh reports have reignited the controversy, casting a shadow over what was meant to be a triumphant comeback for Oprah’s production company, Harpo Film.

The saga unfolded when Saraji publicly accused Oprah of underpaying her for her role in the movie.

She expressed disappointment at the lack of a salary increase since her previous project, “Proud Mary,” and revealed that she initially turned down the offer due to the disrespectfully low compensation.

Saraji’s outspokenness didn’t end there. She also shed light on other issues plaguing the production, including subpar working conditions and shared trailers for the cast.

Oprah, once hailed as a symbol of empowerment, found herself on the defensive as allegations continued to mount against her.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – DECEMBER 03: Oprah Winfrey attends the 2023 Academy Museum Gala at Academy Museum of Motion Pictures on December 03, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Taylor Hill/WireImage)

Attempts at damage control, including a staged reconciliation with Saraji, failed to salvage the film’s reputation.

Instead, these efforts only added fuel to the fire, with critics accusing Oprah of prioritizing personal agendas over the success of the movie.

As the controversy deepens, it remains to be seen how Oprah’s production company will navigate the fallout and whether they can regain the trust of both audiences and industry insiders alike.


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