WrestleMania 40: Masked Jason Kelce Celebrates Rey Mysterio’s Emphatic Win With a Special Gesture. tt

WrestleMania 40, which is being held at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, showcased a breathtaking bout between Rey Mysterio and his son, “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio. Each had their own tag team partner, with Andrade teaming up with Rey and Santos Escobar with Dominik. It was a clash of the year as Rey found himself in the ring with both his sons and Ecober. Fortunately, Philadelphia Eagles superstars Jason Kelce (recently retired) and Lane Johnson were there as Rey’s saviors, ready to defend him at a moment’s notice.

The two offensive linemen who are accustomed to protecting their quarterbacks, found themselves in a different arena—the WWE ring. They emerged from the crowd, wearing Eagles-themed masks, to aid the WWE Hall of Famer and his tag team partner. Kelce intervened by pushing Dominik Mysterio into the ring post, while Johnson confiscated a chair.

WrestleMania 40: Masked Jason Kelce Celebrates Rey Mysterio's Emphatic Win With a Special Gesture

After Jason threw Dominik back into the ring, Rey Mysterio and Andrade capitalized on the distraction and secured the win. Consequently, Kelce and Johnson joined the celebration alongside the rest of the LWO (Latino World Order).

The two NFL athletes were brimming with excitement after their successful intervention in the match. Jason and Lane Johnson enthusiastically cheered, exchanging high fives and pumping up the crowd. Inspired by Jason’s iconic celebration for Travis Kelce during Super Bowl LVIII, he climbed one corner of the ring, with Lane mirroring his actions on the opposite side. Then they took off their shirts and tossed them into the ecstatic crowd and, just like the fans remember, cheers ignited, reminiscent of Jason’s antics in an NFL arena.

WrestleMania 40: Masked Jason Kelce Celebrates Rey Mysterio's Emphatic Win With a Special Gesture - The SportsRush

Jason Kelce Once Dressed Up Like A 6-foot-3 Version Of Rey Mysterio

Former Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce may not have participated in the Super Bowl title game this year, but that didn’t dampen his celebratory spirit. Channeling his inner WWE legend, Rey Mysterio, the seven-time Pro Bowler, sported a lucha libre mask at the after-party of the Super Bowl game. He looked like a 6’3” (295 pounds) version of the WWE wrestler, with his larger-than-life persona bringing a unique energy to Travis Kelce’s celebration.

During an episode of the New Heights podcast with Travis, Jason Kelce recounted the encounter with the Lucha mask. He explained how he stumbled upon it on the floor en route from the VIP area and, without hesitation, decided to pick it up and wear it. He did not even rinse it. Travis humorously speculated about the mask’s owner, frantically searching for it.

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