Johnny Depp Almost Made Late Director’s Wife Cry After Seeing Him in Drag and Smeared Make-Up For Disney Film That Later Won 2 Oscars

After kickstarting their iconic working bond with Edward Scissorhands, which earned Johnny Depp his first Golden Globe nod, his next collaboration with Burton would mark a new chapter in Depp’s career.

Johnny Depp Almost Made Late Director’s Wife Cry After Seeing Him in Drag and Smeared Make-Up For Disney Film That Later Won 2 Oscars


1994’s Ed Wood, widely acclaimed as one of Depp’s best works to date, not only earned the Pirates of the Caribbean Star his 3rd Golden Globe nod, but it also rejuvenated the actor’s love for acting.

But daring the production of the biopic of the late eccentric director Ed Wood, considered the best worst director in Hollywood, the actor had a funny incident with the late filmmaker’s wife.

Ed Wood's wife Kathleen O'Hara
Kathleen O’Hara
Johnny Depp Feared Meeting Ed Wood’s Wife While Being in Drag

After Kathleen O’Hara requested screenwriter Scott Alexander’s production assistant to meet Johnny Depp, who was playing her late husband, there was a moment of panic for Johnny Depp.

Considering the actor was in drag and smeared make-up, following the demand of the scene they were filming, Depp was petrified about its impression on O’Hara.

Fortunately, Kathy O’Hara wasn’t displeased by the scenario she witnessed and even went on to commend Depp and further assisted the actor with playing the late director.

“It was strange because she came on the set, she just showed up on the set one day.” Depp recalled.

 “I think she was at a bus stop or something, and was in the neighborhood, and saw signs that said Ed Wood with arrows pointing to the set.

You know, and she came by and I was in complete drag.

And she didn’t bat an eye, she didn’t blink. She just… she actually said ‘You look so much like Eddie’.

She was really sweet to me and very supportive… And she helped me out with a lot of things.”

Depp didn’t disappoint Kathy O’Hara, as he delivered an impeccable performance in the Burton-led film, and deservedly earned his third Golden Globe nom for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy.

Ed Wood (1994)

Ed Wood (1994)
Johnny Depp Might’ve Quit Acting if It Wasn’t for Ed Wood

Ed Wood is not only one of the best works to come out from Tim Burton and Johnny Depp’s collaborations, but it also rejuvenated the Pirates of the Caribbean Star’s love for acting, Despite earning critical acclaim with films like What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and Arizona Dream, Depp felt disillusioned by Hollywood and if it wasn’t for Burton’s Ed Wood, he might’ve quit acting once and for all. 
Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp
Even though the film failed to make it big at the box office, the movie succeeded in scoring high among critics, earning several accolades under its belt.

Ed Wood is available to stream on Disney Plus.