Miley Cyrus was criticized for promoting b*dy display and dr-g use

The images of the 23-year-old singer hosting MTV’s Video Music Awards were condemned by the Parents’ Television Association.

On the evening of August 30, Miley Cyrus took on the role of host of the MTV Video Music Awards.

The female singer wore a series of revealing outfits and placed her hands on sensitive parts on the live broadcast stage.

A behind-the-scenes shot shows Miley changing clothes and exposing her breasts in front of a television screen.

The scene quickly changed, but before that Miley had time to exclaim: “Oh, what’s going on? Did I expose my chest?”.

The Parents Television Council said that the scene where Miley exposed her breasts on television was part of the channel’s arrangement.

The association criticized Miley’s images and behavior during the awards ceremony.


Miley wears bold outfits and has offensive behavior on stage. Photo: Reuters.

“We were very surprised when Miley Cyrus showed off her body in front of millions of viewers and many people watched the show on live television,” Association president – Tim Winter – said.

“We thought she was being restrained from doing the wrong thing and proving her talent as a performer rather than repeating the suggestiveness for the purpose of entertaining the audience.”

Previously, when hearing that Miley Cyrus was chosen as the host of the MTV Video Music Awards, the representative of the Parents Television Council expressed concern.

Also on the MTV Video Music stage, Miley freely talked about smoking and using marijuana.

 “MTV has a great opportunity to use their influence to inspire young people to live positive lives.

Instead they choose to glorify suggestive images and promote illegal dr-g use,” representative Parents Television Association says.

The association believes that MTV is irresponsible when it comes to providing a toxic entertainment environment for children.

Two years ago, also on the MTV Video Music stage, Miley’s performance of simulating sex acts with male singer Robin Thicke caused many people to react violently.

Miley doesn’t seem to be bothered by complaints about her revealing image and behavior.

After the awards ceremony, she calmly smoked marijuana and happily showed it off in front of journalists in the media room.