The secret behind ‘the kindest star in the world’ Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves may not have reached the pinnacle of acting, but he is certainly a man who is recognized by Hollywood for his human qualities.

Keanu Reeves is one of Hollywood’s top stars, but what’s special about him is his benevolence and kindness. His name has become familiar to the audience through top roles in films such asMatrixandJohn Wick.

Although his acting talent has not yet been able to convince art critics compared to some other colleagues of his time, his kindness and concern have made his name even greater. much.

Although he has not yet reached the pinnacle of acting, Keanu Reeves is still loved for his kindness, friendliness and simple lifestyle.

Few people know that he had to go through many trials and traumas in life, making him a profound and emotional man.

Those difficulties have contributed to creating the image of Keanu Reeves as not only a famous Hollywood star but also a valuable human being.

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Keanu Reeves’s compassionate heart is one of the most valuable treasures in the competitive entertainment industry

A wedding event in England became more interesting with the appearance of Keanu Reeves. Despite not knowing the wedding couple, the actor accepted the invitation and attended the ceremony as part of the family.

This shows the kindness and generosity of Keanu Reeves, as he does not hesitate to share joy with others even in unfamiliar circumstances.

Reeves even spent time chatting with guests, taking photos and congratulating the newlyweds on their happiness. ‘He was very cheerful, friendly and sent us good wishes,’ the Roadnight family shared.

Previously in May, TV producer Andrew Kimmel also shared the story of meeting Keanu Reeves in real life. Kimmel exclaimed: ‘Today I was with Keanu Reeves on the flight from London to New York.

A boy asked to take a photo with Reeves while waiting for his luggage and started asking him a series of questions. Surprisingly, Keanu happily answered each of the boy’s questions.

When the young fan didn’t know what else to say, Reeves not only left immediately but also took the time to ask the boy about his trip. Kimmel commented: ‘He could have been irritable at being bothered, especially after a long international flight.

I thought I should share this story because Reeves was exemplary, and moments like these can make a big difference in the lives of others. We need more people like Keanu’.

Andrew Kimmel also did not miss the opportunity to ask for a photo with the actor. In the photo, Keanu is wearing an old red baseball cap with the logo of Arch Motorcyle – a company that designs and manufactures large displacement vehicles that the actor is a co-founder of, and a simple black vest over a T-shirt of the same color.

This actor’s face still conveys sadness, but does not show any discomfort. That is also the permanent image of Keanu Reeves in photos taken with fans. Close, simple, not pretentious and not related to luxuries.

People often say that artists have many faces. They may look happy on the outside, but inside they feel uncomfortable. The development of social networks has spread further, creating conditions for rumors about the bad habits of celebrities.

The Internet is always full of stories about Keanu Reeves. However, through the words of fans and colleagues, Keanu Reeves always appears with a gentle, kind and friendly image. He’s closer like a close friend instead of a globally famous star interacting with fans.

‘Money means nothing to me’

An artist’s wealth will reflect their reputation. The same is true for Keanu Reeves. After nearly four decades of shining on the screen, the total revenue from the seriesJohn WickThis star’s contribution amounted to about 380 million USD . However, Reeves does not consider it a significant achievement or a measure of success.

In 2006, Keanu Reeves shared: ‘Money means nothing to me. I make a lot of money, but I want to enjoy life without the pressure of hoarding money in my bank account.

I gave away a large portion of my money and lived a simple, temporary, but enjoyable life. I believe health is more important than anything’.

Earlier this year, a close friend of Reeves shared withThe Postthat this actor feels hesitant about making a lot of money, and never takes his wealth for granted.

After many events in his life, Keanu Reeves has learned to appreciate people more than material assets. He sees his enormous wealth as a resource to share with those in need in society.

In recent years, the media has repeatedly reported that Keanu Reeves spends a large part of his acting income to contribute to charity organizations, buy gifts for colleagues, associates and film crew.

as well as taking care of the family. He also founded a non-profit organization to raise money for cancer treatment research.

In 2020, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Keanu Reeves used his fame to support many charities. One of them is Camp Rainbow Gold – a charity that helps children with cancer in Idaho.

The actor participated in a 15-minute online chat auction on the Zoom platform to raise funds for Camp Rainbow Gold and earned 17,600 USD (equivalent to 415 million VND).

Reeves also shared withLadies Home Journalin 2009 that: ‘I founded a private foundation that has been in operation for about five or six years, with the aim of supporting children’s hospitals and cancer research projects.

I don’t want the fund to bear my name, I just want it to operate for a noble purpose.’

AfterJohn Wick 4After filming, Keanu Reeves gave each of his stuntmen an expensive Rolex watch. The gift becomes more meaningful when the back of each watch is engraved with congratulations, each member’s name along with the words ‘The John Wick Five’ and Reeves is a part of them.

Stories circulating in Hollywood circles say that Keanu Reeves once gave a construction worker an interior setThe Matrixamount of 20,000 USD when knowing that person is having financial difficulties. During the peak of his fame, Reeves even reduced his own salary to ensure the film crew had enough money to invite other actors to participate.

According to a Hollywood film producer, Reeves is very generous to his colleagues. More importantly, they wanted to work with Reeves because he understood the job and appreciated the contributions of every member in the film production process. This is a rare thing that stuntmen and action instructors appreciate.

A man with many memories

At the age of 58, Keanu Reeves is enjoying a peaceful and happy life with artist Alexandra Grant. Grant and Reeves became closer by collaborating on book projects such asOde to Happiness (2011)andShadows (2016), and then they fell in love. According to many sources, Reeves bought a house in the Hollywood Hills, willing to build a home for the two of them.

When news about Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant dating was revealed, the actor’s fans fell into joy when they saw their idol finally finding happiness after many years of living in loneliness.

When mentioning Keanu Reeves, besides the image of a friendly and generous star, the public cannot forget the image of ‘sad Keanu’ – a photo of Reeves alone eating bread on a park bench.

Keanu Reeves’ life, since he was a child, has gone through many sad stories. Since he was three years old, his father abandoned his family and went to prison for drug crimes.

‘The relationship between father and my child has always been tense. Those are just emotions of pain, suffering, loss and unhappiness’ – Reeves shared withRolling Stonein 2000.

Also in 2000, Keanu Reeves met actress Jennifer Syme at a party for the band Dog Star, where he was a member.

They quickly developed a relationship and Syme became pregnant with their first daughter. But, the pain came again when the fetus died at 8 months. The loss divided the couple.

There are rumors that the two tried to mend their relationship, but tragedy struck when Syme died in a traffic accident in 2001, at the age of 28.

Keanu Reeves was one of the people who carried the coffin. she arrived at her final resting place, next to their daughter.

In 2006, Reeves shared his feelings with the magazineParadeabout that sad time: ‘The pain will change form, but never disappear.

People often think they can get over it and say ‘The pain is over, I feel better’. But they were wrong. When the person you love leaves, you are left alone.’

‘I remember a time when I was part of their lives and they were part of mine.

I wonder what life would be like if they were still here with me – what we could do together. I remember the wonderful things we were never able to do,’ he said.

After losing his partner and not yet meeting his daughter, Keanu decided to start a wandering life.

His life is packed into suitcases and his only roof is a rented room at a hotel.

According to information fromDaily Mail, the actor has lived at the Châteaux Marmont hotel in Los Angeles for four years.

Keanu Reeves spent many years alone, lingering in pain for more than a decade before meeting Alexandra Grant and finding a second happiness in life. However, the light of new love is still not enough to completely heal the wounds of the past.

In 2019, Keanu Reeves shared: ‘I don’t think we can fix it. Regret and loss never go away. They will stay with us. Always with us like a calm flow in times of floating’.


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