Angelic beauty and hot body of the most beautiful beauty in the Philippines Marian Rivera

Even at the age of 40 and having given birth twice, Marian Rivera still makes people unable to take their eyes off her seductive figure that “thousands of people fall in love with”.

Having not acted in a movie for a long time, Marian Rivera said that her current favorite role is being the wife of actor Dingdong Dantes and the mother of two beautiful children Zia and Sixto. Married in 2014, Marian Rivera revealed that she and her husband kept their love alive by going on dates twice a month. The dreamlike love story of a talented couple is admired by many fans.

In addition, the beauty is also a successful businesswoman – owner and founder of lifestyle brand Flora Vida, fashion consultant, flower arrangement teacher for women…

Starting her own entrepreneurial journey, Marian said: “Do it with passion, you will get joy while doing it. Really love what you do, so you won’t find yourself working because you’re enjoying it. That is the factor for success.”

Self-care and self-love

At the age of 38, Marian Rivera is still as fresh and youthful as when she first appeared in the media as the main actress of the television adaptation of MariMar released in 2007 .

The most beautiful beauty in the Philippines Marian Rivera and her husband Dingdong Dantes.

The most beautiful beauty in the Philippines Marian Rivera is a devoted wife and mother. She manages her time very well to balance work, family and self-care. The actress values ​​doing what she likes. “I find time for myself when my husband and children are asleep, or I book massage, foot spa and cleaning services.”

For Marian, being a mother doesn’t mean not taking care of yourself. “I need to be perfect, complete and happy, that’s what my children see in me and they always feel the sweetness when they are with me.”

Even though she no longer spends much time in showbiz, the 38-year-old star is still the top beauty goddess in the Philippines with an increasingly radiant beauty. Possessing soft, smooth, bright white skin, the U40 beauty revealed that the secret to healthy and smooth skin is moisturizing. The actress has been loyal to her straight, shiny, straight hair for many years now, regularly using hair conditioner. The makeup is gentle but still accentuates the radiant beauty.

Always maintaining the image of a successful, luxurious and seductive woman, Marian Rivera prefers a sexy style when attending parties. A few days ago, she and her husband joined an event calling for the fight against breast cancer that took place at Shangri-La The Fort hotel, Manila. Wearing a black velvet dress with a deep chest cut, the 38-year-old beauty shows off her hot bust full of vitality. The mother of two children received many compliments for her attractive young figure. Source: Instagram, Manilatimes