Kanye West has recalled a hilarious incident involving Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend from when he was working on his fifth studio album.

On Friday (March 15), Ye and Ty Dolla $ign joined Big Boy’s Neighborhood for a chat prior to their Rolling Loud performance in California. During the interview, the Chicago native recalled Safaree being in the studio when he was putting together My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

“You know what’s so messed up is, we didn’t really know they was together, so we doing Dark Fantasy and he in the studio,” the 46-year-old began. “I’m just thinking she was a bad bitch. I’m like, ‘Yo Safaree, you think Nicki would let me and Amber [Rose] hit like what she said?’ Like, we got to make these raps true.”

The bar he was referring to was from the song “Monster,” on which the New York City MC raps: “Besides Ye, they can’t stand besides me/ I think me, you, and Am’ should ménage Friday.”

Listen to his recollection at the 1:16:35 mark below:

Youtube Video - Kanye West Claims He Once Tried To Bring This Nicki Minaj Lyric To Life

During the same interview, Kanye made a bold claim and said: “I done invented every style of music for the past 20 years […] I created The Weeknd‘s genre, Trav[is Scott], Drake — I’ma go ahead and say with all love Future and [Young] Thug also because the autotune album 808s [& Heartbreak].”

Soon after the above quote began making the rounds online, Kid Cudi reminded his fans and followers about his influence on the aforementioned album.

In seeming response to being snubbed, he shared a screenshot from his own Wikipedia page, detailing his influence on the Yeezy boss’ fourth studio album.

It read: “Kid Cudi’s sound is what inspired and led Kanye West to create his cathartic ‘808s & Heartbreak’ (2008), with West later stating he and Cudi were ‘the originators of the style, kinda like Alexander McQueen is to fashion… Everything else is just Zara and H&M.’

“West also complimented Cudi by saying, ‘His writing is just so pure and natural and important.’”

The Lonely Stoner has writing credits for four tracks on the 2008 classic: “Welcome To Heartbreak” (on which he is a featured artist), “Heartless,” “Paranoid” (where he sings backing vocals as well), and “Robocop.”


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