Miley Cyrus against Taylor Swift, but the singer replies: “you’re just jealous”

Miley Cyrus criticizes Taylor Swift’s video, Bad Blood, nominated for the MTV Video Music Award, which shows special guests dedicated to war and revenge, declaring that it is not a good example for teenagers. But her colleague replies: “Miley is just jealous.” 

Taylor Swift attacked by Miley Cyrus for Bad Blood video.

Miley Cyrus attacks Taylor Swif t through the pages of Marie Claire, criticizing her colleague’s new video “Bad Blood” . The situation borders on the paradoxical. In fact, one wonders how the queen of scandals, the former Disney girl who makes naked videos and simulates autoeroticism, can accuse someone else of being a bad example for teenagers.

Yet it happened: Miley Cyrus , soon to host the 2015 MTV VMAs, attacked Swift, judging the video for her new song a model not to be followed . “I don’t understand the violent revenge thing. Is that supposed to be a good example? And would I be a bad example because I walk around topless? I don’t understand how bitches are worse than guns.” Taylor Swift’s response was not long in coming and from the pages of she lets it be known that she considers Cyrus just jealous of her.

Miley Cyrus criticizes Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' video in Marie Claire  interview |

A source very close to the criticized singer added: “saying things like this is typical of Miley [Cyrus ed.]. She is desperate for attention and will do anything to get it. She is annoyed by the fact that Taylor has gotten so much attention for Bad Blood. Miley is just jealous, she wants the spotlight on her and attacking Taylor is a good way to get it.” 

Who knows if, rather than a media war, it is simply a publicity stunt in view of the imminent arrival of the MTV show.

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