Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce hold hands as they enjoy date night, Katy Perry reacts

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are all over the internet after they were seen indulging in PDA on the streets of New York City. The rumoured couple attended Saturday Night Live. They were seen leaving the venue together as they went out on what seemed to be a dinner date. This was their first paparazzi spotting together. Also read: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce hold hands in public for the first time during an outing amid dating rumours

Katy Perry reacts to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

While several photos of them have now gone viral, fans can’t stop admiring them. Joining them, singer Katy Perry made a rare comment on one such post, featuring Taylor and Travis. The Dark Horse singer who once had a feud with Taylor, wrote, “I ship.”

On Saturday, Taylor and Travis made a stunning appearance as they walked to a restaurant in the city. She wore a grey checkered trench coat over an all-black outfit. The American footballer opted for a casual look in a printed jacket with brown pants and white sneakers.

Inside SNL party with Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

Their public appearance is no less than them confirming their dating rumours. Following the SNL show, Taylor and Travis attended an afterparty. As per a report of TMZ, an eyewitness saw the two kissing at Catch while Travis had his arms around Taylor’s waist. Reportedly, the couple stayed at the party till 4 am. It’s believed that the couple is currently staying at the singer’s place in NYC.

Meanwhile, People quoted a source from the same party saying, “Taylor and Travis were there all night and they were so smiley, they were so happy. They were so talkative. They were really fun. They talked to every single person in the room that talked to them.”

The unnamed sources also revealed that the two were not shy with each other while Travis also gave Taylor the space to mingle with others and kept going back to her to check on her. “(At one point) Kelce takes both her hands and puts them on his shoulder, so they’re face to face, and then he takes both his hands and grabs her waist. They’re leaning in, they’re kissing each other,” added the person.

Seeing them together, out and about, for the first time, a fan wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, “Ladies and gentlemen will you please stand.” “They suit each other idk how to explain it,” added another. Someone also said, “Her finest man yet.”

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