Miley Cyrus: ‘My first kiss was with a girl’

In a program last week, the singer revealed that she had a same-sex relationship during her school days while still in Nashville.

On the podcast RuPaul: What’s the Tee last week, Miley Cyrus openly revealed that she locked lips with a girl at school: “When I was a teenager, my first kiss was with a girl in middle school in Nashville… I had a love like that.”

Miley Cyrus: My first kiss was with a girl - Picture 1

Miley Cyrus is open about her sexuality.

Miley revealed this in an interview with Variety magazine in 2016. She confided: “All my life, I have not understood my gender and sexual orientation. I have never thought about whether someone is a boy or a girl. I started wondering about myself in 5th or 6th grade. My first love was with a girl.”

Later, after many years of learning about and making friends with the LGBTQ community, Mile Cyrus has identified herself more clearly. She is neither straight nor “lesbian” but found a word with a broader meaning: pansexual (pansexual – sexual orientation regardless of the gender of the object of attraction).

The female singer is proud to have come out as a teenager, famous for Disney ‘s Hannah Montana . She shared: “I was one of the rare kids at Disney who could ‘come out’ and say that I supported all my gay friends. No one can really say that, so this has always been important to me.”

Miley Cyrus had a public homosexual relationship with Victoria’s Secret lingerie angel Stella Maxell in the summer of 2015. Not long after, she reunited with actor Liam Hemsworth and held a wedding ceremony last December.

Miley Cyrus: My first kiss was with a girl - Picture 2

Miley Cyrus and Stella Maxell passionately locked lips in 2015.

Last month, the Wrecking Ball singer explained why she always affirmed that she was a member of the LGBTQ community but married someone of the opposite sex. “The reasons people get married may be outdated, but I think the reasons we get married are not outdated at all. We have to redefine what it means for a pansexual person like me to be in a heterosexual relationship. What I want to say is: People love each other without caring about gender, body shape and other things. My love exists on a spiritual level. Sexuality or gender is only a very small part,” Miley shared.

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